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New York Residences Upgrade Security with More Surveillance Cameras

Multiple residential buildings in Toronto have undertaken stricter security measures to deter criminals, ward off loiterers, and monitor doormen. As reported by the The Star – Toronto Star, more surveillance cameras are being installed in lobby rooms and on the outside of these buildings.

Many of these buildings house some of the wealthiest people in Canada, and have been the target of thieves, Ontario invests $3M to boost Toronto CCTV network amid spate of gun violence. To read the full article, see the The Star – Toronto Star article here.

Some of the wealthiest people in Toronto: the industrialist and the financier, among others. It’s hard to pass the board inspection; it’s very hard to get past the vigilant doormen.

Still, this past summer, in a series of strikes, thieves broke into four apartments, making off with an estimated $250,000 in high-end watches and diamond jewelry.

News of the crime shook the ground under the feet of many in the neighborhood. “I don’t think there’s a single co-op board member who hasn’t mentioned the burglaries. It’s the kind of thing that makes buildings assess and double-check what kind of surveillance equipment they have.”

Increasingly, such equipment is becoming part of building “décor.” Cameras are the sole line of defense for small, unmanned walk-ups, and they can extend the reach of the doorman in luxury co-ops. Buildings that don’t have cameras are thinking about getting them. Buildings that do have them are thinking about getting more or upgrading their systems.

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Resident safety goes a lot further than just building goodwill between tenants and management. Believing that management truly has the best interests of their occupants at heart regarding security is a major contributing factor for where renters decide to live. Additionally, residents of communities that make them feel safe and secure have longer occupancy tenures. By showing your residents the benefits of living in a community where security is paramount, your tenants will be more loyal to your complex.

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Depending on the area and market, many tenants are willing to pay extra for the added security value provided by your surveillance system. When conducting tours and open houses, be sure to call out the functionality of your security camera system and how it contributes to the health and vitality of your apartment community.

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We offer a free one-hour site visit and consultation to ensure that we can meet your security needs while also keeping you on budget. Our experts will talk through your concerns with you and develop a site plan for where you should place your cameras. Here are a few standard placement tips from our team.

  • Place cameras in areas like parking garages, common areas, mail and laundry rooms, and any other high traffic areas where tenants often go outside of their apartments.
  • Administrative areas are a must for camera placement, especially if you accept rent payments on-site. You never know when a rent dispute or tenant interaction could go wrong.
  • Cameras in entryways and exits can help you track when unauthorized individuals enter your complex. If a thief or vandal enters your property and commits a crime, you will have footage to provide to the police.

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