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Project Description

Premier Poly Products (PPP) have been creating high quality poly films and bags in Canada for a number of years and have an established reputation in their field. Very recently they came to us because they had decided their security systems were lacking.

As with so many companies at the moment, when it comes to security (and a plethora of other things) PPP are updating and joining the technological revolution. With technology advancing so quickly, the average security systems simply do not cut it anymore. Locking the door and pulling down the shutters at night simply provide you the security necessary when you are running a high profit business whose equipment needs insured for hundreds of thousands. Like so many other companies, the process of digital transformation might start with a website – but ultimately all of their systems will be bought online – and what use is a security system that you cannot monitor and control remotely, when you live in a digital age?

We were invited out to PPP and gave their building the full security once over. We had a walk through with our project manager John, and we identified areas that needed improvement or showed any lack of coverage. We gave them a variety of options to choose from and, when we left, we had agreed to set up eight cameras for them. The cameras were interspersed throughout their complex but were noticeably positioned to cover the doors, entrance ways and gates. In this way the company operators or security persons may access the cameras remotely and make sure that the gates are all secure without even leaving the control centre… or without even leaving their home, if they feel so inclined.

The job was completed swiftly, with no problems and upon the scheduled date. We received a thank you phone call commending our good work but it didn’t affect our John, the project manager, who was already on to the next job by then! The eight cameras that were installed have been put at vital locations throughout the complex and are strategically set up to cover all the blind spots at the exits and entrances. Since we installed the equipment it has been a major deterrent to criminals, and the company are pleased to report that they are no longer worried about leaving their expensive equipment over the weekends – it’s amazing how far a visible camera on a stand will go towards keeping your business safe at night!

Premier Poly Products joined the ranks of our other happy customers, and all there is left to say is that we fit, supply and assess all your doorway needs with optimum results, every time… just one more success story…from our company to yours!

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