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Project Description

Security Surveillance Camera Proposal

Brose Canada Inc.
1500 Max Brose Drive
London, Ontario N6P 1P7

Based on the site visit observation performed on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018, BBG Security has prepared this Security Surveillance Camera Proposal for the potential project for Brose Canada Inc. at the facility in London, Ontario at the address of 1500 Max Brose Drive.

According to the information provided we the object of this project is to consult, supply and install surveillance cameras at the exterior of the facility, and the purpose to cover all entry point and parking lot within the Brose Canada Inc.facility.

BBG Security has chosen the brand / manufacturer, Dahua Security Cameras,, products to be the fitted solution in this project application.

From the exterior drawings and aerial shot, the best recommendation would be placing 11 exterior surveillance cameras surrounding the facility and capture the best point of view of the overall parking and entry points. (please see the attached aerial image with the optimal positioning for the best point of view)

The chosen camera of these 11 locations will be a 4MP IP Motorized Vari-Focal Lens with the lens range of 2.8 to 12mm (angle of view ranges from est. 90 degree wide to 25 degree narrow) This camera is also specd with True WDR, and with IR range of 40-50 meters. Since the nature and the structure of the parking lot design, the Motorized Vari-Focal Lens can provide the ultimate angle of view adjustments as needed and with the long range IR, it can cover a distance up to 150 feet from the mounting point of camera to the focal point.

For the employees entrance hall, the specd camera is a fisheye 360 degree camera. The chosen camera is a 6MP 360 degree ceiling mount fisheye camera. This camera is also embedded with 10M tri-directional IR range. From a single channel, the fisheye camera has the ability to produce a 9 split screen of view on a monitor.

The integration of the existing cameras (Axis) to the quoted solution would not be possible, we have double confirmed and consulted with the manufacturer. For this to be a possible solution, we would have to swap out the 2 existing cameras (1x on-site / 1x off-site) to be under the same brand of manufacture and work under the same protocol. The replacement camera would be a 3MP Motorized Vandal Dome, with the lens range of 2.8 to 12mm and an IR range up to 30 meters (90 feet).

All outdoor mounted cameras are equipped outdoor surface mount junction boxes to provide the integration and protection of all cabling and connections.

The head unit recorder is powered by an Intel Processor, with a max. 384 Mbps incoming bandwidth, and supporting max. 64 input channels. Since the cameras are at certain megapixel size, in order to achieve the best image quality, the NVR recorder is chosen based on it’s specs (384 Mbps) over the supported incoming channels. In comparison, to a 16CH recorder, the max incoming bandwidth is at 200 Mbps, which will create a limitation to the overall image quality.

For internal storage solution, and based on the amount of cameras and desired image quality, we chosen the hard disk SkyHawk Surveillance grade hard drives manufactured by Sesgate to provide the storage capacity. Total of 32TB, 4x 8TB SATA, should be sufficient to achieve min. 30 days recording at optimal quality.
The NVR recorder is capable to hold 8x SATA hard drives, with the initial 32TB (4x 8TB) the recorder still has the ability to expand for another 4x SATA hard drives capacity.

At the security desk, a 6U secure cabinet will be installed. The NVR recorder along with all networking equipment will installed and securely mounted within the 6U cabinet. For observation, a 22” HD LED monitor will also be provided with HDMI connection to the NVR recorder. Mounting location of 6U cabinet and LED monitor is to be decided upon desired instructions.

Under our quotation, we have also quoted the best match network equipment involving, POE switches, POE extenders, and adequate gigabyte standard network switch. For cabling, it will be based on Outdoor Burial Cat5e for all outdoor application, and for indoor cabling will be Cat6 bridging all switches.
As POE distance is limited and recommended to kept within 300 to max 350 feet, outdoor rated PVC mounting boxes will be used to secure all POE extenders, and cable connections. Location of PVC protection boxes has yet to be decided. As for detail cabling route would require another site visit for inspection and route planning.

BBG Security would not be able to quote the boom lifts, as we do not have in-house licenced boom lifts operator. We would require the assistance from Brose Canada Inc. to provide provide the equipment and licensed operator.

Shall BBG Security be selected as one of the favorable vendor, BBG Security can offer a detail presentation on the background on the manufacturer, as well as a live demo presentation of the quoted equipments. Live view setup to examine the quality of camera, overview of the operation of the standalone software and point to point network for remote viewing and playback capability. For the in depth products specs and details we can also prepare products datasheets.

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