Universal Washroom Project for IDA Pharmacy

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Project Description

Universal Washroom Project for IDA Pharmacy

Our healthcare system has become increasingly more refined that people are able to live double the life-time compared to back then. Even though we are able to enjoy our life a lot longer, our bodies are not as capable as we age. Simple task such as going to the bathroom or opening doors become increasingly harder as we age, especially if we are unable to do it on our own. That is why it is important to install universal washrooms and automatic doors; so that there are no barriers between the customer and company. For this reason, IDA Pharmacy contacted us to have a universal washroom installed in their new location.

Our technician made a visit to IDA Pharmacy’s new location (located in Kitchener) to examine the job location. After examining the place, he thoroughly explained to the manager as to what will be done. A detailed quotation is then sent out to the manager for confirmation, which he did. He was very happy with Best Brothers Group affordable pricing. Based on the client’s wishes, we scheduled an appropriate date and time for the installation.

On the schedule date, our technician arrived timely and prepared the site for installation. All of our technicians are well-experienced and AODA certified, so the installation took no time at all. Within 6 hours, our worker was able to finish a full universal washroom. Our installer ensured that it was built to be accessible for anyone who enters. When you go to the washroom, you are welcomed with a 4 ½”x 4 ½” stainless steel handicap button that illuminates either a green or red LED light. This indicated whether the washroom was unoccupied or occupied, respectively. The entry way is made to be spacious enough to allow anyone to enter; whether it is for a pregnant mother or disabled person, they can enter with much ease. Inside the washroom, you will find a push-to-lock button, emergency light, and emergency button. If a problem ever occurred, the user can notify others that they are in need of help.

Now when you go to Kitchener’s IDA Pharmacy location, anyone can enjoy the universal washroom. All our universal washrooms are built under the AODA compliance code, so you owner does not have to worry about being ticketed by the police. Not only were we able to provide a worry-free state of mind, our washrooms helped the owner increase foot-traffic. By improving accessibility, we prevent barriers for people with disabilities which, ultimately, led to the increase in traffic. Our clients stay worry-free with our reasonable pricing and certified installations.

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