Universal Washrooms Project for Corner Stone Christian Community Church

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Project Description

Located in the Markham area lies a religious sanctuary for believers. Often times when people face adversity, they may turn to an accepting community for support. The Corner Stone Christian Community Church (CSCCC) is one of those communities that restores faith and hope to those suffering. Obviously, you do not need to be suffering to join; as long as you choose to be a devotee, you are accepted. CSCCC wanted to make sure anyone was able to access their facility so they contacted us.

Corner Stone Christian Community Church wanted to implement universal washrooms so that they can continue to serve the public. They reached out to us and requested to have two universal washrooms installed. We sent our consultant out the following day to do the estimation and received a confirmation the same day. With our affordable pricing and AODA certified technicians, it is easy to make the right choices. From there we scheduled an installation date based on the client’s request.

On the day of the installation, our technician started early to have the project completed as per scheduled. Both universal washrooms installation included the following: an operator, standard two handicap push buttons, C-kit, E-kit, electric door strike, and storage room lever. All mandatory measures to ensure the universal washrooms were built under AODA compliance code were taken. Now when you go to the washroom, you can easily access it with a push of a button. The automatic doors open widely and accepts any patron who walks through. The button has an LED light indicator so it is easy to see whether the washroom is occupied or unoccupied. No one would feel left out as the washroom was designed to allow anyone to use it. With the emergency safety measures, you can always feel secure and protected in the washroom. Everything was made so that you can have everything under your control. CSCCC was ecstatic with the final results, we able to finish the job professionally, diligently and promptly.

The end result astonished the members of CSCCC, by making their washrooms universal, more believers were able to attend the church. Sometimes it is difficult to want to go out because we are restricted by something, whether its doing things independently or getting around with a wheelchair. By creating a friendly environment that allow these restricted people enjoy going out again, we’ve open the door for them. Now at CSCCC there are more devotees, especially those who had face some kind of adversity in life.  At Best Brothers Group, we don’t just supply universal washrooms, we bring back hope and faith into people’s lives. We allow those who have lost their independency to feel independent once again.

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