Specialist Pub Sign Writing & Signage Makers

Specialist Pub Sign Writing & Signage Makers

Specialist Pub Sign Writing & Signage Makers

We have been using signs to advertise Pubs since Roman times. The Romans used to hang vine leaves outside to advertise that they sold wine and pub signs have developed since then. During the 12th Century, picture signs became widely used as many of the public were unable to read or write. They started out with pictures of religious icons and then changed to Royal leaders following the ruling of King Henry VIII. These signs are still used today along with a wide verity of illuminated and more modern pub signs. No-matter what type of pub or bar you own, there is a sign to meet your requirements, budget and brand. As leading pub sign makers, our guide should help you determine the options available and which will work best for you.

Traditional Pub Signs

There are a range of different styles and design choices when it comes to traditional or vintage pub signs. Read our guide below to give you an idea of how you can achieve a traditional or vintage style.

Sign Painted Pub Signs:

These are the beautiful sign painted signs which you see hand painted directly onto the building. This is done using the same old techniques used by the generations before us…but with a few cheats to make it more cost effective. We are proud to be one of the few sign companies who still practice these pub sign writing techniques.

Wooden Sign Painted Pub Signs:

These are sign painted onto wooden panels and fixed to the building, usually over the doors or along the side of the building at first floor level. We use a marine ply base, seal it and treat it to ensure a life of ten years. We then paint the base colour using an external paint and use our specialist signwriting paints for the typography…or if you are after something really special, we can even use real gold leaf.

Wooden Pictorial Pub Signage:

These are the staple of all traditional pubs. They can be suspended via a bracket from the side of the pub, post mounted and illuminated with swan neck lights. If you want to keep them traditional, they will be lovingly hand painted which takes a lot time and care. The average pictorial sign typically takes 24 man hours to produce. It really is a labour of love!

If you want a more cost effective alternative, we can do a digital print onto aluminium composite. From a distance, no-one can tell the difference.

These Pub Signs are best used:

  1. Heritage areas
  2. Quaint essential English Pub
  3. If looking for a contemporary, rustic feel


  1. Hard wearing (you can still see the ghost signs from the 1800’s on our buildings today.)
  2. Can be painted over easily
  3. Less damage to the building in comparison to modern signs
  4. Helping to keep a dying trade alive
  5. Increased visibility (especially if you combine the pictorial with a sign which is on the building and every additional sign can increase your sales by 7%*)
  6. Easy to maintain
  7. Eye-catching


  1. Installation is weather dependent. If it is snowing or raining, we may have to reschedule your order.
  2. It will only be as good as the surface that we are painting onto.
  3. Can be expensive. Sign painting is a real skill and is time consuming.

Illuminated Pub Signage

Illuminated Pub Signs allow your signs to be both visible and readable 24 hours a day and in all weather conditions. There are three main types of illumination to choose from:

  1. Lamps: These are lights which are mounted directly onto the sign panel to illuminate the face.
  2. Internal ilumination: This is where the LED’s are encased within the sign. This allows the whole sign to be illuminated (face illuminated) or if you prefer, just the letters and logo (fret cut illuminated.)
  3. Illuminated elements: This is where just part of the sign will light up, ie, raised letters or neon

You will need to tell us which type of illumination you prefer as it will have an effect on the pricing and how it is installed.


  1. Economical to install
  2. Energy efficient (with exception to neon)
  3. Attract more attention


We can’t think of any!!

Internal Pub Signs

These can be used to direct people around your pub, either to the facilities, beer garden or to another area. They can be sign painted, vinyl letters, onto plaques or even neon. They can help to add to the atmosphere and decor of the pub. If you really want to make an impression, why not combine them with wall art. This can be custom designed wallpaper or hand painted typography or pictorials.

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