Specialist Bespoke Signage Makers

Specialist Bespoke Signage Makers

Specialist Bespoke Signage Makers

As custom sign makers, we want to give you an idea of just how creative we are. We are keen to explain and to give examples of the processes involved to achieve unique, hand made and bespoke signage. We felt the best way to do this would be to tell you about which bespoke signs are our favourites.

Bespoke signage

Case Study:

Lightbox Creative Studio asked us to design a show stopping bespoke sign for their client who was opening up a new entertainment venue. Their logo was of a piano so we decided that that would be the perfect idea for a bespoke sign. We wanted it to be 3 dimensional and have keys at different levels to give depth, so it was built up of several layers of acrylic.

The back layer was cut from 20mm black acrylic and formed the base for all of the other layers. Onto top of this we secured another layer of 20mm acrylic which made the top of the piano. We then laser cut the white keys from 5mm white acrylic and the black keys from 10mm black acrylic.We then applied their name using yellow and red vinyl and topped this off with red neon lettering.

We commissioned a metal fabricators to manufacture an aluminium stand to hold it up from the ground.

We are yet to see another sign which looks anything like this. It is still to this day “unique.”

Bespoke sign

Case Study:

Working with Gauge Company, a leading interior design company, we were asked to help with this shop fitting refurbishment. Gauge Company had come up with a design brief which incorporated a show stopping illuminated bespoke sign, along with various pieces of wall art.

Most companies use fairground lights to make up letters, but we wanted to do something more exciting and so decided to combine a background of fairground lights with neon lettering. To prevent glare, we fabricated a matte black aluminium composite tray to house the lights, neon and hide all of the wiring.

The project to be a contemporary mix of traditional and modern techniques. They were so impressed that they gave us an award.

Hand made sign

Case Study:

We were over the moon to get the chance to work with Bitters n Twisted as they are creative like us and we knew that we could do something truly different with them. They asked us to look at their Island Bar in downtown. They wanted something to reflect island life but really didn’t know where to begin. We have free reign to do as we pleased with regards to the designs.

During our weekly creative meeting, we came up with the idea of a hand painted surfboard onto a reclaimed wood background and halo illuminated letters. We then pitched this idea to the client who loved it. We spent a total of 8 hours getting the design just right. Once this was signed off, we had a meeting with the client so that he could choose the colours for the wood panelling, lettering etc. Unfortunately, due to the sheer amount required, it was not possible to use reclaimed wood, so we went to a local timber merchants who recommended the wood we eventually used. They even cut this to size, which saved us a few hours.

The 4880mm surfboard was cut from marine ply using a jigsaw. This was used to ensure longevity in the Toronto climate. As there are not many traditional sign painters out there, we decided to sign paint the board…you don’t get much more bespoke signage than that!

If you like any of our examples or need help developing bespoke signs or hand made signs, let us know.

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