Vehicle Wraps & Wrapping

Vehicle Wraps & Wrapping

Update the look of your car

Wrapping your vehicle opens you up to a number of options which were just not available to you at the time of purchase. With such a wide variety of wrapping vinyls available, you not only have a wide selection of colours to choose from, but you can also choose your perfect finish ie, matte, satin, gloss, metallic, chrome or even sparkle. Wrapping vinyls also come in various textures, to make your car more tactile. These include everything from carbon fiber, leather, crocodile and many more.

If you want something truly unique, we can design a full custom- print wrap for you where we can use a number of colours, images etc.

Protect your paint work

Because the vinyl wrap protects the paintwork underneath, this means that you can restore your car to its previous finish simply by removing the wrap.  Your vehicle will be protected from scratches and abrasions that are normally caused by general wear and tear. Not only are you protecting the bodywork but also the car’s value.

Advertise on the move

If you are a business owner then vehicle wraps are even more beneficial. Not only will a vehicle wrap protect against the depreciation of the vehicle, but will also advertise your business on the move. This is a great alternative to individual graphics on company vehicles.

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Custom Plaques

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Studio 2 of 4 500x500

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