Custom Office Wallpaper

Custom Office Wallpaper

Design your office wallpaper

Well designed and unique wallpaper will:

1. Set you apart from your competitors

Anyone can buy attractive artwork or use stock images to brighten up an office, but you and your company are unique, so why not design your wallpaper or use custom printed wallpaper to show this and help build your brand?
By moving away from generic stock images you are creating a truly memorable workspace helping you to stand out from your competitors and your brand to be remembered long after that initial visit.

2. Tells your story

Custom printed wallpaper can be used to effectively express your culture without saying a word. It can reflect your values, show how you can help potential customers, and it gives visitors an idea of what happens there on a daily basis. You are literally putting your culture and values on a wall for all to see, giving the feeling of trust and accountability to customers.

Together we can design your wallpaper ensuring that it is sending the message you want.

3. Reinforces your brand

By perfectly aligning your brand in the marketplace with your custom office wallpaper, customers get a better understanding of your brand and feel the connection between who you say you are and who they feel you are.

4. Builds employee pride

Bespoke office wallpaper helps employees to feel proud of their workplace, accomplishments, values, services and goals. It unites them and gives them a sense of belonging and team spirit as well as providing a fun and vibrant place to work in.

5. Attracts the right people to your business.

People buy people, so effective and consistent branding helps others understand you more easily and see if you are the right fit for them. It means that you are less likely to attract the wrong customer and more importantly, less likely to attract the wrong employee.

How we do what we do:

In order to design the perfect wallpaper for you, we will visit your offices and meet your team. Whilst there, we will not only conduct a full site survey ensuring that we have accurate measurements and know which walls will work best, we will also ask you three key questions;

1. What is your company culture?
2. What makes your team proud?
3. What inspires you and your team?

Using this information, we will discuss your case in our weekly creative meeting and then work with you to design workplace wallpaper which is as unique as your company.

With a varity of different high quality wallpapers available, you can select the right choice for you. Whether you need one which is easy to clean, textured or something really special, please give us a call and we will be delighted to help you.

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