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System design & installation by BBG Services- sound, security and communications in Bolton

Throughout the Canada and across GTA, Best Brothers Group specialise in providing an experience-enhancing range of high-quality, state-of-the-art extensive in-store music, audio visual (AV) and programming services to the corporate, retail and public sectors. 

When planning a solution, qualified BBG Design Engineers apply over 10 years of practical experience and expertise in Bolton to ensure resilient system performance.

BBG Audio Visual Bolton

Our Clients

Retail – for instore experience, advertising and customer interaction: visual and audio messaging, using music and stunning video walls or digital signage to enhance instore customer experience and footfall. BBG Music & Media help you excel at creating the right atmosphere at the right time.

Leisure and salon – for members and patrons: managed music, video and audio content systems, varied by zone, that motivate and inspire exercise, swimming and training, or provide a relaxing setting for therapies.

AV Solutions for corporate and public sectors – for management and staff: improving communications across meeting rooms and single or multi-location sites using wireless connectivity and touch-screen controls.

BBG Project Management

Co-ordinating all aspects of your project can be a time-consuming exercise, distracting key members of your management team from running your day-to-day business. To alleviate this, BBG provide full project management through consultancy, design, supply and installation via our experienced technical engineers.

By supplying every element of your solution, our project management process is comprehensive: from initial concepts and designs to on-site installation and ongoing maintenance and support.

BBG Consultancy & Design

Initially, BBG’s aim is to gain a deep understanding of your business and its operations, to help us appreciate the problems you’re experiencing and to determine which BBG discipline will effectively resolve those problems, such as SecurityAudio VisualMusic & MediaSound or Assistive Technology for people with a disability.

BBG’s accredited consultants will then investigate your requirements and apply their expertise by designing a solution, through our CAD and computer modelling team, that fully addresses your business needs.

BBG Supply & Installation

If your organisation is looking to purchase equipment and you already have the required expertise in-house to install systems, BBG also provide a “supply-only” service.  For electrical contractors and those already providing installation or support services to clients, this route allows you to benefit from BBG’s nationwide and global purchasing power .
For clients who require BBG to supply and install solutions, we understand that disruption to your business must be kept to a minimum, so our dedicated team of project managers will work with you to devise an installation programme that fits your project timescales and existing working environment.

Our qualified installers will also coordinate other elements of your project, to ensure completion is on time and within budget.

To discuss our design, supply and installation services, contact us today or read more about our implementation capabilities throughout our various case studies. We look forward to working with you.

Our Brands
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Our Audio Visual Services in Bolton Neighborhoods

Areas where BBG provides audio visual services in Bolton including Tormore & Bolton