Instore Music Radio Services for Toronto Retail, Venues, Health Clubs, Corporate & Public Sectors

BBG Instore Music Radio

BBG Music & Radio Services for Toronto Retail, Venues, Health Clubs, Corporate & Public Sectors

The style, genres and mix of in-store music, radio or background audio you play makes your retail brand distinctive, in stores, venues, your hotel-lounge or health club.

Improving your customers’ in store experience is vital.

Why? Everyone who enters a retail store is a prospective customer with a sense of anticipation and the potential to buy – and whether they complete a purchase or move on to buy elsewhere is dependent on their experience within your store.

Sound light and audio visual are all key to customers staying, enjoying their experience and feeling they belong in your space. Staff retention is helped too!

Successful retailers and leisure venues satisfy these emotions for as many prospective customers as possible, making the best of each and every opportunity, which in turn drives and increases overall sales performance and in-store footfall.

MEDIA in STORE, BBG's unified instore music, radio and advertising media solution

MEDIA in STORE, BBG’s corporate radio, in-store music and media advertising service can make a real difference:  wonderfully efficient and cost effective, it’s a constantly changing programme of music, advertising and brand messaging, transmitted to every location that is set up by BBG to receive the service.


MEDIA in STORE lets you use music to define your own in-store brand experience, keeping you one step ahead of your competitors in customer relationship building.

As a dynamic and powerful in-store marketing tool, your MEDIAinSTORE music programme can be interspersed with jingles and promotions to serve a number of marketing campaigns and initiatives:

  • Individual stores – to promote special offers and other local features
  • Groups of stores to reflect “regional” differences
  • All branches simultaneously – giving the impression of a nationwide brand radio station


Created by our experienced Studio engineers, MEDIA in STORE is at the forefront of technology, with experienced and qualified music consultants, trained to help you:


  • Design a format that attracts and captivates your in-store customers
  • Make your store a pleasant place to visit and to work in
  • Create marketing campaigns and brand messages that speak your target customers’ language
  • Make your brand the “brand of choice” for instore experience
  • Install corporate and retail media solutions, designed and customised to your specific needs
  • Match carefully-selected music to your in-store advertising campaigns


BBG blends with a variety of music genres through MEDIA in STORE, including: chart music, club, pop, acoustic, classical, easy listening, RnB, jazz, dance classics, pure vocals and more. If you can’t describe your ideal mix of in-store music, let us know your brand-identifying ideas and we’ll work with you to produce programming that your customers engage with and compliment you upon!


For nationwide chains, music, radio and messages can be broadcast to every one of a retail group’s stores at the same time, giving the impression that they operate their own retail radio station.


Everything about ‘MEDIA in STORE’ is simplicity in-store, allowing staff to concentrate on their daily duties and head office Marketing Departments to plan enhanced in-store experiences to increase dwell-time and sales.

This clever software is similar to that used by independent radio stations – in fact, it’s so slick your customers may be looking for the resident DJ!