Plantation Shutters

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Plantation Shutters


As far back as the majesty of Ancient Greece, when shutters were hewn from solid marble, they have been a symbol of both grandeur and utility. That tradition continues today at BBG. Though the materials have evolved with the times, the illustrious profile of the plantation shutter endures.

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Our Shutters


Centuries ago, the presence of shutters at every window allowed the ladies of Louis VXI’s court to shield themselves from the afternoon sun in well appointed and, perhaps more importantly, well ventilated apartments. In much the same way, the perfectly formed slats of a BBG shutter provide flexibility, privacy and exemplary shading.

Striking the perfect balance between fluidity of motion and solidity, the BBG louvre is crafted to exacting standards. Open, the room becomes awash with sunlight, closed your home becomes a veritable sanctuary of peace away from the trials and tribulations of the world outside.

Our Materials


Advancements in the technology of synthetic materials can often come at the cost of aesthetic value. Not so with the BBG shutter – in fact, quite the opposite. The strong aluminium core at the heart of every louvre is wrapped up in an advanced polymer that, even upon close inspection bears a striking resemblance to solid wood, for so long a staple choice for the manufacture of plantation shutters.

Any preference for one material over another must always be married with the practical benefits each possesses. Where wood is susceptible to damp, rot and cracking, a BBG shutter suffers no ill effects under exacting conditions, continuing to portent itself with dignity and poise in even the most challenging environments.

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Our Opportunities


Where BBG is concerned, customisation is king and nowhere is this shown more clearly than with its range of shutters. British windows are unique in build and structure, that’s what gives them their character. This is reflected in the choice of frames that support the BBF shutter, catering for a host of specialised environments and surroundings.

The bespoke nature of a BBG shutter extends still further, with a choice of panel sizes, opening locations and central support bar, all allowing the BBG customer to arrange their shutter in a manner befitting its new home.