Access Control Project for SNL Techlink

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Project Description

With technology advancing so fast, sometimes it is hard to find the time to stay updated of all the new information, products, and software out there. Sometimes companies encounter problems that are either very complicated or time consuming. That is why companies find Best Brothers Group; so that their company can spend the time focused on more important aspects while entrusting the work to a dependable company. In this case, SNL Techlink sought us for help with their access control board. SNL Techlink is a North American multi-trade company based out of Toronto, Ontario. Their focus is on telecommunication field installation, repair and maintenance in Canada and USA.

SNL Techlink was experiencing issues with their access control; employees were having difficulty entering the building with their access card. As usual, our technician arrived within the scheduled time and went through what complications they were having. After the manager went over what issues they were experiencing, our tech troubleshooted and found the underlying cause to their problem within an hour. The board was not cooperating with the card reader because someone inexperienced with the software tried to make adjustments to the database.

In order to fix the problem, our technician had to completely wipe and re-enter all the data. After re-entering all the information, he had to reprogram the door’s card reader and each user’s key fob and access card. Our experienced technician worked effortlessly and finished the job within the day despite how truly time consuming it was. The SNL Techlink manager was very pleased with our work; we finished the task swiftly and with precision. The only regret they had was that they did not call us sooner.

Even though we are not the original installers of the access control board, our team of professionals have over 20 years of experience and continuously strive to stay up-to-date; allowing us to be successful against any problem we face. We always aim for perfection and excellence, nothing less. We ensure that all projects are met with a level of professionalism and integrity. Like SNL Techlink, you can always depend on Best Brothers Group.

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