Automatic Doors for NXT Condo Project

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Project Description

Within the city of Toronto, Ontario, you may have encountered or heard of NXT Condominiums. These stunning buildings are created by the popular Cresford Developments Corporation, a company known for their luxurious sense of style. While the interior furnishing throughout the place are provided by Fendi Casa, reflective of the brand’s high-style, high-fashion Italian heritage. This magnificent condo is situated near High Park with a beautiful lakeside view. With all that being side, this condo emits a sense of prestigious reputation from the moment you lay your eyes on it.

During the building stage, NXT condos contacted us in regards to installing automatic doors. We thoroughly conversed with them about what they needed: what kind of doors, how many did they need, where they wanted it, and when they needed it. In the end, they needed to have six entrances in total: an entrance per each parking level, entrance to elevator, and an entrance from the garage. Considering it was all new installations, we ordered all the necessary parts and then arranged a date based on their schedule.

As always, our team arrived on schedule despite the busy location of the project. Our technician diligently worked on the installations and was able to complete the project within two days. Every automatic door was installed based on the AODA compliance code. To summarize, there was a swinging automatic door installed on the following: three levels of parking entrances, the entrance to the elevator, the entrance to the vestibule, and entrance from the garage. Now when you enter the lovely condominium, you are greeted by our sleek, durable, and secure automatic doors.

The facility manager of NXT condo loved our well-qualified, AODA certified technicians and the responsiveness and friendliness of our office staff. Overall, their experience with Best Brothers Group was remarkable. We continue to give phenomenal service to all customers, regardless of how big or small the job is.


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