Security Camera Project for Durham Pallet Services

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Project Description

Durham Pallet Services (DPS) was established in the fall of 2001 operating out of 22,000sqf warehouse in Whitby, Ontario with only 3 employees. By the beginning of 2018 they occupied over double the original warehouse space with over 60 employees. They are currently one of the largest pallet facility in the Durham region. With this significant growth in employees and space, it becomes harder to manage and monitor the workplace so DPS sought us to enhance their security system.

With technology advancing by the minute, it is very important to be informed of all the best solutions to securing a facility. There are a few elements to consider such as security camera models, number of cameras, central system placement, and security system placements. These are just a few aspects to consider when installing security systems, the most important aspect to consider is the client. After being approached by DPS, we responded promptly and scheduled an on-site meeting with our sales consultant Mathiew. During the meeting with DPS, they expressed concerns with their current security’s camera quality and placement.

In order to protect the ever-growing company which is currently occupying over 42,000sqf of warehouse space, it is of utmost importance to choose quality security cameras and optimal placement of these security cameras for maximum protection. After Mathiew walked through the facility and listened to concerns the client had, he immediately identified what products they needed and where they should be placed. We gave them a couple of options to choose from that was cost-effective and ideal to their situation. The client went with Mathiew’s judgement and decided to install twelve 4MP security cameras with an NVR that has 4K display. With this new update on their security system, the company operators or security persons may access the cameras remotely and ensure that the gates are secured from anywhere, at any time.

Not only was the job completed swiftly, but also with no problems and upon the scheduled date. We received a thank you phone call commending our excellent work and praised for our professionalism.

In addition, Mathiew was able to save the company from overspending on unnecessary products and features. The cameras were interspersed throughout their complex but were strategically placed to cover blind spots, doors, entrance ways, and gates. Unlike their original thought of sixteen cameras, the way Mathiew had the cameras placed allowed them to achieve the same coverage with less cameras. Since we installed the equipment it has helped with employee management and been a major deterrent to criminals.

Without a doubt, we had left DPS with a phenomenal experience they never had before. Not only did we save them money, but also left them knowledge that will last a lifetime. With that being said, DPS is another success story that shows how much we care.

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