3xLOGIC adds Allegion wireless lock integration to infinias access control solutions

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3xLOGIC, Inc has successfully integrated of the company’s infinias access control software with Allegion’s Engage platform of wireless locks.

Wireless locks are the controller, reader, power, door contact and lock hardware all bundled together in one device. Allegion Wireless Locksets integrated with infinias are modular and customised for either mortise or cylinder locks. These wireless locks also offer custom lever styles and finishes, making them versatile for almost any residential or commercial door.

“This is a solution that’s perfect for any interior door application that requires complex access control wiring installations,” said Wayne Jared, 3xLOGIC VP of Engineering. “These wireless locks are also a great solution for doors where you would not normally put access control due to high cost.”

These integrated wireless locks are described by the manufacturer as a great answer for facilities that want to add access control to less active doors at a reasonable cost, thereby effectively extending access management to larger areas of their buildings. “These integrated locks significantly reduce installation cost per door, bringing many more doors onto the existing system that would usually be left out and unprotected,” furthered Jared.

Allegion’s Engage platform comprises both NDE cylindrical and LE mortise-type locks. Customers will be able to use the Allegion Configurator to build their custom lockset and to get list price. Users will get a wireless lockset, gateway and license. The gateways are licensed by each device added to infinias and are supported by all infinias platforms, including infinias CLOUD. The manufacturer states that the wireless lock integration will be available through 3xLOGIC’s distribution channels, with General Availability commencing 18 October.

The manufacturer is also hosting a webinar on October 18 where it promises to unveil the benefits behind this new integration. To register, visit: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2309049579022011907



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