A CLIQ electronic locking system puts an Italian bank in complete control of every entrance

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Retail banking combines a demand for high security with complex workflows – staff need efficient access. Facility managers need the flexibility to design access permissions around individual needs, so not everyone can access every area whenever they choose – nobody wants to carry or track large numbers of keys.

These were requirements managers Creval, a regional bank in Italy, faced when seeking an alternative to a mechanical master-key system.

Creval needed new access control devices to become an integral part of a security system for assets and people with the highest level of protection. They sought locks to offer a durable, secure and flexible alternative to standard mechanical security.

They found an easy, electronic way to administer a powerful, user-friendly system based on battery-powered physical keys and secure, advanced microelectronics.

Creval chose eCLIQ key-based wireless access control for its banking premises. Bank doors across the Lombardy region are guarded by more than 30 durable eCLIQ cylinders, putting Creval managers in complete control of entrance security.

eCLIQ is reportedly a scalable electronic extension of the CLIQ access control system deployed in critical infrastructure sites across Europe. Cylinders are fully electronic, protected against manipulation and with 128-bit AES encryption built into both lock and key microelectronics. Staff carry a single, battery-powered eCLIQ key, programmed with only the right preauthorised access permissions.

Creval’s security manager is now able to grant access based on scheduled times and specific doors, and right down to the level of the individual site user. It is also straightforward to set time-limited access rights for a user key, increasing security if a key is lost. Audit trails and event logs are collected to the same, fine-grained degree.

Key management is easy with software operated from a local PC or securely on the web via a standard browser. In the unlikely event a key is misplaced, Creval administrators simply delete its validity from the system.

“We are satisfied with the results of the new access control system,” says Claudio Brisia, Logical Security Manager at Creval headquarters in Sondrio.



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