Pharm Research Associates choose Boon Edam Tourlock to secure their entry

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Security revolving door ensures authorised entry to protect sensitive data held at the facility.

Pharm Research Associates is a UK research centre founded in 1996. The centre conducts commercial, physical and biological research and development. At the Swansea-based facility, Pharm Research Associates determined the need to upgrade the entrance door it had in place, which was no longer fulfilling its needs. Having successfully installed a Boon Edam Crystal TQ revolving door at its Reading head office, the company turned once again to Boon Edam for expert advice on upgrading their Swansea facility.

Neil Simons, National Sales Manager for Boon Edam Limited UK, said, “the original door had been installed by another entrance provider. Not only was it an older product, it also did not actually serve the true purpose of what our client required.”

Pharmaceutical companies require enhanced levels of security due to the sensitive data stored on site. There is always a critical need to monitor and control who is entering the building, to prevent risks associated with unauthorised access. Beyond an access control solution to support the company’s high security requirements, there was a need to control the flow of people entering and exiting the building.

The centre worked closely with Boon Edam to establish potential threats and ensure the appropriate level of security was incorporated into the new entry solution. It was important for the entrance solution to be correct to meet the building’s requirements and fit with the existing culture.

Boon Edam’s team met with the client to present a range of possibilities and alleviate on-site personnel concerns about the perceived access issues brought on by heightened security measures. After evaluating the range of entry options, the client chose Boon Edam’s automatic Tourlock 180+90 security revolving door with an aluminium finish for its entrance.

Simons continued by saying, “we had worked with Pharm Research Associates on its headquarters in Reading, so we knew the client well and were able to recommend the best solution for its needs. With the facility storing sensitive clinical data, the Tourlock 180+90 was the perfect fit. It provides a stronger, more technical security solution for the building and allows for higher throughput levels.”

The Tourlock 180+90 prevents unauthorised entry attempts, while supporting simultaneous bi-directional throughput. This is a level of security that precisely matched the client’s needs.

The project took eight months from confirmation to installation. Boon Edam installed the new door in only four days. Boon Edam also provided a complimentary customer orientation, to inform the management and staff how to properly use and care for the door throughout its lifetime.


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