Princeton Identity deploys Biometric Conex to campuses and facilities ensuring quick and accurate clearance

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Princeton Identity Inc. has announced the deployment of its Biometric Conex, designed to assist customers with quick and accurate personnel authentication for campuses and facilities. The Conex is a 20-foot long standard shipping container outfitted with on-the-move facial, iris and fingerprint biometric capture technology, which can be operational in less than 24 hours.

The first two containers will be shipped in October to government facilities. Princeton Identity is showcasing the Biometric Conex at the 2018 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition this week in Washington, DC.

The Conex’s combination of patented authentication technology and portable configuration give organizations the flexibility to deploy these high throughput, absolutely accurate authentication units anytime, anywhere.

The multi-modal, biometric high-throughput system offers more secure rapid personnel authentication and the following features:

  • Face, dual iris, and 8 fingerprint rapid enrollment of personnel and on-the move multi-modal personnel identification
  • Throughputs of over 15 people per minute
  • Self-contained or networked configurations
  • Allow list and watch list capable
  • Can support large personnel database configurations
  • Climate controlled, air conditioned and weatherproof
  • Can be powered by a generator and comes with UPS backup

Current facility entry control procedures generally rely on credentials or limited biometric information to allow entry. In many cases, these procedures can cause excessive queuing, require extensive manpower, and are limited in their identification accuracy. The Biometric Conex eliminates these issues and provides a more accurate, seamless entry process. It contains a rapid enrollment station to simultaneously register subjects’ signatures – fingerprints, face and irises – which takes less than a minute to process. The fusing of these three separate biometric modalities ensures the highest level of identification accuracy and eliminates potential spoofing attacks. When subjects enter the Conex, they walk through at a normal pace without stopping or touching any sensors, gain clearance, and are granted access to the facility.

“The government engaged with Princeton Identity to provide these units because we are the only identification firm with patented walkthrough, contactless iris authentication capabilities to support large groups of people,” said Mark Clifton, CEO of Princeton Identity. “Our software and physical hardware provide versatile identity authentication solutions designed to verify and manage individuals’ identities for a wide range of physical security and access applications, and we are already exploring other commercial uses for the Biometric Conex.”

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