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Government-run buildings are places where people visit frequently for a specific purpose, making these official institutions a target for malicious attack by people who might possess strong and negative emotions toward the governments.

Despite these buildings often being guarded with armed security staff, it is necessary to set up a solid surveillance system to proactively safeguard the public and its assets. Surveon provides government solutions with product lines including weatherproof cameras, patent RAID NVRs with spare drive protection, and VMS with post VA search. These powerful solutions enable the governments to protect people from threats.

Weatherproof camera with excellent image quality
To build a reliable security system for governments, SIs might encounter some challenges, such as harsh outdoor conditions and data protection of recorded video. Under these circumstances, Surveon secures outer spaces of government buildings with IK10 vandal proof and IP66-rated weatherproof cameras. This gives partners the most reliable outdoor-use options. All Surveon cameras provide excellent image quality with smart WDR, allowing security guards to recognise crucial details, such as license plates, under lighting contrast and prevent any suspicious vehicle from entering.

Patent RAID NVR with spare drive protection
Avoiding the loss of confidential data from surveillance system, the data protection of recorded video is important in terms of planning for government security. Featuring patent RAID function with spare drive data protection, Surveon NVRs provide reliable performance with zero video loss. The client-server architecture can offer high I/O, large capacities, and overall system stability.

Feature-rich VMS with Post VA Search
To quickly identify useful information and relative footage from hours of video recording, Surveon designs Post VA Search. This management tool reduces the time and efforts of staff making the surveillance system more efficient.

Surveon government solutions have safeguarded the customs building in Bolivia, the post offices in Cairo, and the border checkpoint in Turkey. VisionLine, Surveon’s partner in Bolivia stated, “Surveon provides the best C/P value solutions for the customs building and improves its whole security system with high-reliability products. We are satisfied with the result and I’m sure we will keep choosing Surveon’s solutions in future projects.”

Surveon is dedicated to offering a variety of end-to-end video surveillance solutions catering to different vertical applications, giving partners reliable options for their projects.


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