Using A Hands Free Intercom

Hands free intercom is one of the most important and useful technology innovations in the field of communication.

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Hands free intercom has taken home and office security to a whole new level. It has provided outstanding communication platform particularly in the hospitals where accurate and reliable communication channel is gold. It has also provided comfort and convenience to everyone, young and old alike.

Hands Free Intercom – Gate Access Made Easy

Over the years the intercom system has gone through tremendous amount of evolution. Years back, conventional intercom service is very limited. For instance, in the case of traffic or swing gate, people will need to press or push buttons on a piece of equipment to send impulse before they can connect. This has resulted to various troubles including driver safety, traffic hold-ups as well as congested and busier entrance.

But thanks to the development of hands free intercom service, a genius solution to these problems has arrived. The new integration of gate system with hands free intercom utilizes sensors to detect vehicles coming in and out. It has eliminated the hassles starting from the driver’s need to get in and out of the vehicle. With the new system, once the sensor has detected a car, the intercom is activated automatically. The driver and receptionist then communicate through a speaker and specially designed microphone without the driver’s need to get out of the car. Another more advanced access control system is the APNR or Automatic number plate recognition. With APNR the car and driver’s information are logged into a database. Once a car gets into the premise, the system scans and matches the car owner’s data information. This allows instant access exclusively to those people whose information is found in the record. All these operations involved are hands free, no need to swipe cards or memorize PINS.

Additionally, long ago even the installation has limited flexibility. This is why only a few are able to use the system, back in the days. The challenge of finding a good location for the installation as well as the threats from accidental damage and subsequent repairs or replacements has caused so much inconvenience. With today’s technology this problem has been eliminated too. Today’s intercom system can be activated without requiring any physical addition. The system can be installed to virtually any place as desired.

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Hands Free Access Control

Keys have this annoying habit of disappearing the moment you needed them. Fix your brows and frown no more. Instead of wasting your time and dealing with the aggravation of searching for your keys. Hands free intercom system has made things easier for you. With the smart access control solution, an automated reader is designed to pickup a signal from your key fob or access card even if it is stored (or misplaced) in your bag or pockets. The door will then unlock automatically for you.

Hands Free Access Control

Imagine how this system can be of big help when you need to enter your warehouse and you’ve got a handful of loads. This is also particularly advantageous to give assistance to disabled and elderly users. The automatic door access control is also very helpful in hospitals, building offices and even for secure vehicle access.

Hands Free Intercom – Approaching Building Security to a Higher Level

Nothing is more serious than ensuring your building’s safety and security. With protective access control system, you will have power to control people’s access to your building. The smart intercom system  establishes reliable security starting from the main entrance of your building up to your workstations. Best of all, this protection system will work even during power outages or blackouts. You can always breathe easy knowing you have around the clock security and that only authorized persons are granted access to your office or building.

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This state of the art security system delivers powerful yet user friendly and easy to decipher wiring and control combined with durable and weatherproof security cameras, audiovisual and video door stations and panic call switches.

Hands Free Intercom – Because Hospitals Require the Most Effective Communication System

Efficient communication system is crucial in the hospitals and health care facilities. If there is anyone who needs to have highly accurate and instant information the most, that would be the doctors and healthcare professionals.

Basically, hospital communication system should be fast, has excellent clarity, user friendly and very reliable. One of the most proven effective communication channel trusted by a lot of hospitals is the Intercom System. Its role in the medical facilities is invaluable especially during emergency and critical situations.

Among the important features of the Intercom System are as follows:

Antibacterial and chemical Resistant Stations

The Stentofon is specially designed to work in the operating rooms and other highly sanitized hospital areas. To satisfy the environment-specific requirements, the stations have well-equipped loud speaking and hands free communication across various locations including the guardroom, corridors and operation rooms.  Hands free communication is advantageous to healthcare workers as it gives them the ability to speak and listen at the same time while doingSS other tasks. The master station is likewise equipped with four programmable Direct Access Keys and a bright LCD display.

Meanwhile, it also has a Mylar covering. Myla covering allows for easy tools wipe-down, cleaning and sterilization.
Two-way hands free communication service with special priority call feature
Powerful lamps which flashes during emergencies
Excellent remote access for software upgrade, monitoring and reinstallation.
Has state of the art facilities including clear audio quality and IP video camera ready.

The Vital Role of the Receptionist System

The central communication point between the visitors, patients and staff is the reception desk. This communication hub informs the doctor when a new patient has arrived. Important informations are also relayed to the family and friends of the patient. In case of an emergency, the reception agent must be able to get hold of the right people fast, and sometimes they may need to broadcast messages across the hospital.

Security & Access Control

Security must not be overlooked even during the times of emergency. The hospital staff and patients along with the expensive hospital facilities must be offered with enough safety. Access to secure areas must be closely monitored and controlled all the time.


The same advanced solution is suitable in the hospital’s parking facility. A smart, interactive parking solution is important to maintain secure and fast operation even at the parking facility especially when emergency operations are but normal hospital activity.

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