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Automatic doors have been around since 1960 and are becoming a popular form of entrance for many building, especially in shopping stores, hotels, restaurants, offices, home and many more places. There are different types of automatic doors which provide flexibility and range for practical building that may need a specific type of design and functionality. Automatic doors are commonly used now in office building as it gives of a modern look and is an eye catcher.

Suitable for Vulnerable People

Automatic door openers are convenient and easy to go through, therefore more suitable fit for those who are more vulnerable, specifically elderly and disabled people. They require assistance with entering into places more easily and being able go where they need to go with easy access. Moreover around 20% of elderly people are not in regular contact with their family members, neighbours or friends, leading to many of them being alone and no assistance when going about their everyday lives.

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This is why automatic doors can be of great help and provide ease of access to people who are need of accessing areas, wherever they are, more easily and without discomfort.  Elderly people generally reduce the amount of tasks they do in their everyday life and may only be limited to leaving the house to visit community centre, cafes and shopping centre – if they have easy access to these places, they are more likely to feel comfortable and at ease. Of course not every place has automatic doors, therefore making it harder for them to have support from people around them.

Suitable for General Public

Not only are automatic doors a great help to vulnerable people such as the disabled and elderly but also to those who are pregnant or have children in push chairs. It also helps people in generally who have their hands full and are constantly on the move.

People who are shopping around and carrying a lot of things have the benefit of an automatic door as they can easily pass through the entrance and out without worrying about opening a manual hinged door and can simply go through and on their way. Similarly deliveries and delivery men that need to get into certain building with stock can easily get through without having to have someone open the door for them and keep it open, they will just be able to go right through without hesitation and potentially dropping the items.

Controls Flow of Traffic

When in busy and chaotic environments, like shopping malls automatic doors can tremendously be of use as there is more control and a flow of people passing by, rather than a whole load of people entering all at once without any security measures.  Furthermore bigger places with capacity of more people, such as theatres, cinemas, music concerts, gyms, schools and much more require a door that is easy for people to come in and out of without having complications with other people and staff. It prevents accidents from happening reduces the stress for people at busy times during the year where everyone is wanting to go to places and enjoy themselves.

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Reduces Costs

Automatic doors have shown to reduce energy waste and reduce heating costs overall. This is mainly because of the way to automatic doors work as the door are mostly closed from the air outside and heat from the inside will not escape, therefore the heating inside will not be affected from the outside cold air and draft. With automatic doors the doors cannot be left open and do not shut fully compared to normal doors that do this.

Space & Size

Automatic doors, particular sliding doors are convenient when it comes to space and allowing people to walk right through with plenty of space with their belongings or shopping etc. These types of doors are popular in office building that has many employees and business people. This type of door also is suitable for pedestrians on the outside who are walking by and may not always have enough room to walk when they are crowds of people.

Sliding doors are popular is business places and usually have a height between eight and fen feet tall, sixteen & forty feet width, which the size of the door if proves a large doorway for people to come and go easily, preventing collisions and incidents. People can also carry and bring larger items through that may be heavy without having to wait for someone to open the door or to put the items on the floor, then open the door. This also allows for furniture to be bought in without injuries and ease of access. Automatic sliding doors don’t have hinges and instead slide on a sleek rail, therefore there is a smooth running of the automatic door that knows when someone is entering.

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Transparent Design

What makes automatic doors aesthetically pleasing are that most of them are made from pure glass all the way round. This design is great as there is a see from outside the door to the outside, therefore being able to see what is going on outside; this also helps security keep an eye on things inside and also out the door. The look itself can attract people and looks elegant to many people; the glass look is strong and appealing to many buildings.

Different Types of Automatic Doors
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There are many different types of automatic glass doors that can be designed and used in a building. There is not just one type of automatic sliding doors; there are also ones that are used for more traffic or less traffic. Automatic sliding doors are also designed in forms to be single, bi parted or even telescopic – all of which provide a more enhanced system of movement and flow of traffic.

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Automatic folding doors are generally used for single and bi fold doors in environments outside that need more space, and for the inside to have more capacity for people and flow smoothly when at peak times. This type of door is usually considered in terms of space and how many people enter every day, then determining if it would be suitable for the building.

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Swinging doors are low energy and can be activated by a installed push plate, or alternatively operated and monitored manually – this type of door is low energy therefore will reduce cost of heating and will not allow of cold air to come into the building. The swinging doors can be bought in single, pair or double – this provides a range and variation that businesses could work with.

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These types of doors are quite popular and see in places that have a high volume of traffic with people walking into building with these doors but also the pedestrians too. Almost every second someone is entering or exiting, therefore these doors are effective in controlling the flow of traffic. They are also energy productive and avoid cold air drafting into the inside, therefore reducing heating costs. These types of doors are available in two, three and four wings that are constituted with glass.

It is fair to say that automatic doors are a cost effective, attractive and reliable investment. They are easy to manage the incoming and outgoing traffic of people that reduces incidents and accidents – therefore attracting new customers.

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