Roller Shutters: Electric vs. Manual

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Roller shutters are a robust and extremely secure solution for the majority of industrial applications. As they open and close in a vertical fashion, they require very little space to operate as opposed to those that open ‘outwards’. A very popular choice for obvious reasons, but bear in mind they come in several different forms, and the right roller shutters for you will depend on individual premises needs.

Electric and manual roller shutters are two of the main types, so what’s the difference? How do you know which one will suit your business perfectly? Let’s take a look:

Roller Shutters: Electric vs. Manual

Electric Roller Shutters:

Electric roller shutter doors are controlled remotely, with the push of a button and are powered by a small motor. The control buttons could be mounted on a wall panel in a convenient place to operate, or for maximum convenience can be in handheld remote control form. If energy efficiency is a large part of your business operations and strategies, these doors can even be solar powered as opposed to connected to the main electricity supply. Battery powered roller shutters are also an option.

Convenience is key here – you can open and close these doors when required at the push of a button, wherever you are. They can also be installed with safety sensors to give you peace of mind.

To save time and maximise efficiency within the workplace, electric roller shutters are an excellent option.

Manual Roller Shutters:

Manual roller shutter doors may be a more affordable option for many, but do not come with the convenience and ease of use that the electrical form hold. They are operated manually using mechanisms such as cranks or winders, so depending on how often these doors are used throughout the day, opening and closing these doors is a physical and time consuming job.

Manual roller shutters will need regular maintenance to keep mechanisms working safely and properly. Electric roller shutters however are more at risk of mechanical and motor based malfunctions, and will need extra care, maintenance and if any problems are identified could hold much greater repair costs.

As manual doors require no electrics, they also an extremely environmentally friendly option.

It’s important to consider several different components before choosing your roller shutters. Of course, it’s always beneficial to seek the help of industrial door professionals if you are at all in doubt, but think about your budget, your business needs and of course energy saving to find the perfect solution for you.

Roller shutter fire doors are also available, built to withstand heat up to 1150 degrees centigrade. These will give you peace of mind that you, your employees and your business premises are as safe as possible should fire occur

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