Toronto Municipal Bylaws 1030722 960 720 Universal washrooms

(1) A universal washroom shall,

(a) be served by a barrier-free path of travel,

(b) have a door that is capable of being locked from the inside and released from the outside in case of emergency and that has,

(i) a graspable latch-operating mechanism located not less than 900 mm and not more than 1 000 mm above the finished floor,

(ii) if it is an outward swinging door, a door pull not less than 140 mm long located on the inside so that its midpoint is not less than 200 mm and not more than 300 mm from the latch side of the doorand not less than 900 mm and not more than 1 100 mm above the finished floor, and

(iii) if it is an outward swinging door, a door closer, spring hinges or gravity hinges, so that the doorcloses automatically,

(c) have one lavatory conforming to Sentences, (3) and (4),

(d) have one water closet conforming to Article that is located in accordance with Clause or (b),

(e) have grab bars conforming to,

(i) Sentence, if the water closet is located in accordance with Clause, or

(ii) Sentence, if the water closet is located in accordance with Clause,

(f) have no internal dimension between walls that is less than 1 700 mm,

(g) have a coat hook that conforms to Clause and a shelf that is located not more than 1 100 mm above the finished floor and projects not more than 100 mm from the wall,

(h) be designed to permit a wheelchair to turn in an open space not less than 1 700 mm in diameter,

(i) be provided with a door equipped with a power door operator if the door is equipped with a self-closing device,

(j) be provided with a mirror,

(i) installed above a lavatory described in Clause (1)(c), and

(ii) mounted with its bottom edge not more than 1 000 mm above the finished floor or inclined to the vertical to be usable by a person in a wheelchair, and

(k) have lighting & lighting controlled by a motion sensor conforming to Sentence

(2) A universal washroom shall have,

(a) an emergency call system that consists of audible and visual signal devices inside and outside of the washroom that are activated by a control device inside the washroom, and

(b) an emergency sign that contains the words IN THE Event OF AN EMERGENCY PUSH EMERGENCY BUTTON AND AUDIBLE AND VISUAL SIGNAL WILL ACTIVATE in letters at least 25 mm high with a 5 mm stroke and that is posted above the emergency button.

(3) A clear space not less than 810 mm wide and 1 830 mm long shall be provided in each universal washroom for an adult-size change table.

(4) Where the clear space provided for an adult-size change table is adjacent to a wall, reinforcementshall be installed in the wall to permit the future installation of the change table.

(5) Where an adult-size change table is installed, it shall,

(a) when fully loaded, have a surface height above the finished floor that can be adjusted from between 450 mm and 500 mm at the low range to between 850 mm and 900 mm at the high range,

(b) be designed to carry a minimum load of 1.33 kN,

(c) have a clear floor space parallel to the long side of the table not less than 760 mm wide and 1 500 mm long, and

(d) in the case of a fold-down table,

(i) be installed so that it does not encroach into a clear transfer space described in Clause or (b), and

(ii) have no operating mechanisms higher than 1 200 mm.

(6) A universal washroom need not conform to Sentences (3) and (4) if,

(a) it is located in an individual suite that,

(i) is used for an assembly occupancy, a business and personal services occupancy, a mercantileoccupancyor an industrial occupancy, and

(ii) meets one of the following requirements,

(A) it is located in a building that is less than 300 m2in building area, or

(B) it is less than 300 m2 in area, if located in a buildingthat is at least 300 m2 in building area, or

(b) another universal washroom conforming to this Article is provided on the same floor level within 45 m.

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New amendments update design requirements for barrier-free washrooms in a number of ways. Key changes include: • Requirements for power door operators
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