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This year marks an exciting milestone for Dahua: 2019 is the fifth anniversary of Dahua Technology USA Inc. Tim Wang, President and CEO of Dahua Technology USA Inc., set out for California in 2014 with the directive of establishing the company’s North American branch office. Setting up shop in Irvine, California, the company started with Tim Wang as its only employee and became fully operational in 2016.

From 2014-2019, we’ve grown from one employee to more than 100 employees and from no revenue from branded products to millions of dollars in revenue. Our partnerships have flourished as well: in five years we’ve gone from having no distribution partners to having more than twenty, and from no dealer partners to thousands registered with Dahua’s All-Star dealer partner program. When you look at this staggering growth, it’s clear that the company has made tremendous progress in the short period of five years.

“All these accomplishments have been achieved through many hours of work, sometimes at the expense of time spent with family and friends,” Wang noted. “I truly appreciate the many people who put in effort during these years, whether they are still with the company or not. All have contributed their opinions and endeavors to the company so that we could reached this level of success today.”

So what comes next? Dahua will continue to innovate with new, advanced technologies and products, resulting in substantial industry growth. This means innovating for today’s industry needs — such as products that save time on installation and integrate easily, analytics at the edge, and a greater commitment to cybersecurity. This also means maintaining a future-focused product design approach to stay ahead of technological trends and adapt to a changing and discerning market.

This focus lets us give dealers and integrators the most advanced solutions, educate them on the benefits of the products and technologies, and empower them to beat their competitors. Because our solutions are created for a broad range of applications and budgets and are integrated with third-party vendors, this means dealers and integrators have a lot more options. They’ll find high-quality, stable, and scalable Dahua products regardless of their clients’ needs.

Tim Wang pointed out that Dahua’s forward-thinking mindset also provides customers the confidence that Dahua will design each new product with future technological advances in mind. From advanced analytics features to IoT-integrated capabilities, our solutions truly empower our customers to always be at the forefront of security.

What’s the outlook for the next five years? “We are proud of all the work we’ve done thus far to make relationships in North America,” Wang remarked. “We’re looking forward to cultivating that trust and building an even stronger customer base.”


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