What’s Smart About Video Compression?

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H.264. H.265. You’ve heard those terms, and you’ve probably heard of Smart H.265+ as well. But do you know what differentiates these video compression codecs and why you might want to choose one over the other? We’ve put together a quick guide to understanding the benefits.

Save on Storage Costs

When spec’ing a video surveillance system, savvy integrators look for the highest quality of relevant IP video images that is both cost efficient and puts the least amount of strain on the network. An advanced compression codec like H.265 results in a lower bitrate and less need for storage. Dahua’s Smart H.265+ takes this one step further, reducing bitrate drastically.

H.264H.265Smart H.265+H.264H.265Smart H.265+
Storage needed*43.5GB22GB4.94GB43.8GB21.46GB4.38GB
Average bitrate*4135Kbps2092Kbps470Kbps4260Kbps2087Kbps426Kbps

As you can see, Smart H.265+ decreases storage and bitrate up to 90% over H.264! That’s the difference between a 4TB hard drive storing 184 days of footage at full HD versus 97 days off footage at full HD.

Upgrade Resolution and Frame Rate

Another benefit Smart H.265+ offers has to do with the camera itself. For users who were previously unable to use high-megapixel cameras due to network, storage, and/or budget constraints, you can install higher megapixel cameras that use the same bitrate and storage requirement than what they were using with H.264 or H.265. Alternately, you can increase the frame rate of the recording to improve situational awareness, or deploy more cameras at the same resolution and frame rate to expand the area of coverage.

Now that you have the specs, get into the nitty gritty of how Smart H.265+ works by reading 4 Cool Things Smart H.265+ Can Do.

* Results are based on 24-hour continuous recording (1080p @ 25fps). Results are based on real test conditions and the bitrate reduction may vary depending on light, movement, and other conditions and details of the scene.

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