Officer catches ‘dumb’ suspected bike thief red-handed outside Oregon police station – National

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Police say a would-be thief was captured on video trying to steal a bike outside an Oregon police station, and then captured by a police officer a few seconds later.

Security footage from the police station in Gladstone, Ore., shows a male suspect attempting to take the only bike in the bicycle rack outside the building on Dec. 27, shortly after 6 p.m. in the evening.

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In the video, the masked and hooded suspect can be seen attempting to free the bike from a rack outside the police station using a pair of large bolt cutters. The rack is directly beside a window stamped with the words “Gladstone Police,” around the corner from the entrance to the station, and in full view of the outdoor security camera.

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A uniformed police officer walks out of the station and approaches the suspect less than 30 seconds into the video, startling the “would-be thief.” The officer points a Taser at the suspect’s chest, prompting him to sit down with hands on his head.

“It’s dumb,” Sgt. Carl Bell, of the Gladstone Police Department, told ABC News on Tuesday. “I have not actually seen something that blatant because the officers were inside watching on video camera.”

Adam Valle, 26, has been charged with theft, criminal mischief and felon in possession of weapons, Bell told ABC News.

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“Suspect arrested for attempting to steal a bike… From the (police department)!!!!” Gladstone police wrote in a post on their Facebook page.

The entire incident, including the arrest, played out over approximately four minutes.

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