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Contributed by Jake Cmarada, National Enterprise Business Development Manager

Key Takeaways from the 2018 Cyber: Secured Forum

The inaugural Cyber: Secured Forum, focused on cybersecurity trends and best practices, produced great insight on the future of cybersecurity. The conference featured a mix of top cybersecurity leaders driving educational sessions, and sponsored exhibits showcasing new cutting-edge solutions.

From the two-day discussion, it is clear that cybersecurity awareness and prevention are growing factors within the physical security space, however their application is still in its infancy. It was only a few years ago that “cybersecurity” was thrown around more as a buzzword, however it has begun to gain tangible traction for manufacturers, integrators and end-users alike.

Take Cyber Seriously

With all the content coming out around cybersecurity, integrators and dealers are being hit with a tidal wave of information and concern, leaving an endless number of factors to consider and navigate. The message around cyber is loud and clear, whether you’re a manufacturer, integrator or end-user it’s time to take cybersecurity seriously. Implementing initiatives will take a village, integrators must be prepared to discuss cybersecurity with their end-users, and end-users must understand the cyber risks involved in today’s IoT universe.

Being a manufacturer, we have the responsibility to become educators on the subject, openly relaying our knowledge to all parties involved to ensure that cybersecurity is an integral part of physical security solutions moving forward. Dahua has established an initial framework for all our cybersecurity efforts, releasing cybersecurity baseline standards for all new firmware to meet before being released to the market, and we will continue to evolve our standards with the ongoing changes in cybersecurity.

Being a Good Cyber Partner

In the past, reactivity was the go-to method for handling cyber-crime issues, but I believe that is coming to an end as the primary strategy, mainly because it has to. Many manufacturers, Dahua included, have begun to proactively take steps towards more secure products, both in their hardware and software solutions. This, paired with educational efforts, not only benefits the end user, but it sets integrators up for success. While reactivity will most likely play a role moving forward when unexpected instances do occur, manufacturers can work to prevent attacks before they hit end-users systems, naturally diminishing the need for a reactive strategy. It will be critical for manufactures to align themselves with the cybersecurity trends and mandates of the North American market to succeed in the future.

This shift to a more proactive approach also requires improved communication. Years ago, long before IP technology, manufacturers moved product, integrators set up systems, and end-users were responsible for the rest. Now, in the word of IoT and cyber-attacks, all partners involved need to make the commitment to stay involved and keep open lines of communication. Networked solutions demand an “all hands on deck” approach throughout the lifecycle of a system.  To be a good cyber partner, we, being a manufacturer, need to keep a high cybersecurity standard to provide safe products, responsive support and a sustainable process.

Building up a Cyber Eco-System

The physical security industry historically has been known for analogue systems without digital connections or concerns. With more and more IP systems deployed today, the overall conception of cybersecurity is changing, but not enough to be at the same level addressed in the IT industry. Therefore, continued education to the market and building up a cyber eco-system are the differentiators. Internal investments in cybersecurity are long-term strategic processes, however, manufacturers can’t just live in a bubble of what we are doing, rather we need to interact and work with third parties and other professionals to make sure we are able to catch up with the demands.


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