5 Items People Often Forget to Secure

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5 Items People Often Forget to Secure

There are many things to consider when keeping yourself and your home secure; because of this some important security aspects get overlooked. There are more ways to keep yourself secure than just locking your doors, so we have created a list of things nearly everyone forgets.

Power tools

Many spend a lot of money on expensive power tools which are often left out in the open when they’re not stored in sheds and outbuildings, making them a popular target for burglars. Engraving tools with your postcode or house number, or using an “UV” ink pen, will make it easier for the police to identify and retrieve if stolen.

Jewellery, heirlooms, and collectables

Jewellery and other valuables can be secured in safes and hidden in secret spaces around your home, however many forget to insure these valuables. Jewellery insurance most often covers accidental damage, loss and theft, ensuring that jewellery and other valuables can be repaired or replaced.

Private and important documents

Homes are full of valuable items, but ones often overlooked are important documents which are just as desirable to a burglar as your big screen TV. Private documents such as birth certificates, passports, property deeds, tax returns and legal contracts should be kept securely in a fire-proof safe. When destroying important documents it is important to use a shredder in order to prevent them falling into the wrong hands.


Medication should be treated like any other valuable item in a home and should be stored securely.  Pain killers and prescription medication are highly targeted by burglars, and medication in the wrong hands, such as curious children and forgetful seniors, can be lethal, for this reason medicine cabinets should be kept in a secure location, and should not be accessible to everyone.

Passwords and PIN numbers

We have been warned on several occasions that it is not recommended to write down passwords and PIN numbers, as these can cause a lot of harm when in the wrong hands. When storing passwords and PINs, it is recommended to encrypt or password protect files.

When securing your property and belongings, it is important to remember there are various measures to take. Here at Best Brothers Group we believe security of your home starts at your front door, and our local locksmiths aim to provide the best solutions to your security problems. Book a BBG Locksmith to upgrade the security of your home by calling 1-888-224-8688 or visit https://bestbrothersgroup.com/doors-locks/

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