Steel Metal Doors, Steel Door with Frame and Fire Resistance Metal Steel Doors

Standard Doors

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Standard Doors
  • Polystyrene
  • Polyurethane
  • Honeycomb
  • Embossed
  • Astragals
  • Lite Kits
  • Louvers

Specialty Doors

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Specialty Doors
  • Tornado Rated
  • Temperature Rise
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Acoustical
  • Stile and Rail
  • Steel Stiffened

Standard Frames

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Standard Frames
  • Masonry
  • Drywall
  • Double Egress

Specialty Frames

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Specialty Frames
  • Thermal Break
  • Adjustable
  • Hi-Riser
  • Tilt’N Places

Steel Metal Doors Are Vital Toward Your Facility’s Security And Overall Aesthetics. Choosing The Wrong Hollow Steel Doors Could Be Detrimental To Your Entire Project, Which Is Why It’s Vital You Work With A Professional Who Has Experience With Steel Metal Doors. When Choosing Steel Doors And Frames, You’ll Discover A Variety Of Styles, Brands And Manufacturers That Typically Focus On Certain Types Of Facilities Or Needs. BBG, The Premiere Steel Door Company In Southern Florida, Offers You A Full Line Of Steel Commercial Doors, Frames, And Hardware To Meet Your Needs.

What Kind Of Hollow Metal Door And Frame Do I Need? 
Knowing Exactly What Type Of Door And Frame You Need Is Not Necessarily Easy, Which Is Why We Offer You Our Expertise In Helping You Select The Right Door And Frame For Your Facility Based On Traffic, Aesthetics, And Security Regulations.

Laser-Edge Products

Laser-Edge Steel Commercial Doors And Frames Are The Exclusive Model Carried By Best Brothers Group. Why? Because BBG Offers A Wide Variety Of Doors, With A Reputation That Spans Over Six Decades.

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Choose from a variety of Laser-Edge products that include:

Standard Doors – Including Embossed, Honeycomb, Polystyrene, Polyurethane And Louvers.
Specialty Doors– Including Temperature Rise, Bullet Resistant, Acoustical, Steel Stiffened And Stile And Rail Models.
Standard Metal Frames– Fitting Masonry, Drywall And Double Egress.
Specialty Metal Frames– Including Thermal Break, Adjustable, Hi-Riser And Tilt N’ Place Options.

Steel Metal Doors Range From 16 To 20 Gauge, While Frames Range From 12 To 16.Visit The Laser-Edge Brochure For More Details, Or Contact An Best Brothers Group Specialist Today.

The Benefits of Steel Commercial Doors

Your Door Is The First Thing That Customers See, So You Want To Make The Right First Impression. Your Steel Doors With Frames Do More Than Just Look Good, However. Here Are Some Benefits Of Installing Hollow Steel Doors:
» Thwart Would-Be Burglars
» Install Additional Features (As Needed) Such As Bullet-Proof Designs
» Your Door Will Last More Than A Decade, Even With Regular Use
» Your Doors Can Be Painted And Can Feature A Variety Of Finishing Options, Meaning You Can Match Your Door To Your Existing Appearance

Your steel metal doors options

With The Versatility In Style And Appearance With Today’s Commercial Doors, You Can Have The Security You Need, Without Fear Of Some Bulky, Out-Of-Style Door. Laser-Edge’s Colored Doors And Frames Are Sure To Match Your Vision And Need, In A Product That Is Resistant To Rust, Scratches, And Weather Wear.

Order your steel doors and frames today

Purchasing Your Commercial Doors From A Reputable Steel Door Company Such As Toronto’s Best Brothers Group Ensures That You Get A Product That Stands The Test Of Time, And Lives Up To Its Guarantee. Start Your Order Today By Calling Us At 1-888-224-8688 Or By Filling Out Our Quotation Request Form .