M-Enabling Summit Announces 2019 Program – Accessibility: Transforming Users’ Experience  

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Events, February 6 2019

M-enabling Registration Open

M-Enabling Summit 2019

New accessible technologies are rapidly transforming the way users interact with digital interfaces. In a dramatic paradigm shift, alternative modes of communication and assistive solutions are made available to all users at an ever-lower cost due to the considerable economies of scale of the global mobile marketplace. Speech recognition, artificial intelligence, image interpretation, IoT solutions, robotics, Augmented Reality, localization and wayfinding services, for instance, are embedded in an increasing number of applications and services available to users.

The organizers of the M-Enabling Summit have announced the theme of the 2019 event, “Accessibility: Transforming Users’ Experience.” During the past eight years, the M-Enabling Summit has established itself as a leading global conference for empowering accessible technologies, with its primary focus on next-generation innovation and breakthrough solutions for seniors and users of all abilities.

The conference, known for featuring high-level speaking panels, will be comprised of influencers from industry, government, and civil society organizations. Throughout the 3-day event, the upcoming edition will address the above topics in dedicated thematic sessions, as well as feature technical training sessions, presented by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP). The conference will also be accompanied by a product showcase, featuring 40+ exhibitors with enhancing products and services for the market. Register for the M-Enabling Summit 2019.



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