Bosch demonstrates ‘UserFirst’ philosophy with new Video Management System

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The security industry is driven by a constant stream of innovations, which can sometimes create a knock-on effect, leading to increased complexity, confusing installation and more strenuous operations.

For this reason, Bosch has developed a ‘UserFirst’ philosophy – a guiding principle that means every technical and software innovation is designed around the people who will use it most, improving the usability of technology while advancing personal safety and security.

Bosch believes this principle will help drive innovations moving forward, as it demonstrates a commitment to helping the customer, only making advances with the user’s best interests in mind.

The latest Bosch Video Management System 9.0 (BVMS) does exactly this, providing seamless management and interpretation of digital video, audio and security data transmitted across IP networks in over 17,000 installations worldwide.

Offering full scalability that enables the expansion of video surveillance systems according to specific requirements and the management of up to 200,000 cameras, the system also features technology that keeps operations functioning even when management and recording servers fail.

BVMS 9.0 fully supports intelligent streaming, an advanced technology developed to substantially reduce bitrates without compromising image quality – this intelligent data management technology is offered built-in as standard in the majority of the Bosch IP camera portfolio.

Besides cost-efficiency, the new system introduces a renewed graphical user interface (GUI), including a unified colour scheme, while alerts, maintenance messages and notifications are displayed in colour against a dark grey background.

This development will significantly improve the levels of security, having been designed to ensure the operator’s attention is directly drawn to objects or events of significance, while relieving eye strain and reducing operator fatigue.

The introduction of BVMS 9.0 will coincide with the renewal of the license model, as Bosch also look to introduce BVMS Plus to make it easier and more flexible to scale up and meet new demands and expansions as they happen.

BVMS Plus is recommended for the video management of mid-sized applications with up to 256 video channels – when customer needs exceed 256 channels, BVMS Plus can be upgraded to BVMS Professional or BVMS Enterprise.


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