Cryptomathic and Nexus partner to offer eID & qualified electronic signature solution

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Nexus Group and Cryptomathic have combined their technologies to offer an integrated trusted electronic identity (eID) and e-signing solution that delivers eIDAS-certified qualified electronic signatures.

“Digital signatures are one of the low hanging fruits for an organization to focus on when digitizing their business processes,” said Magnus Malmström, CEO of Nexus.

“Nexus already offers solutions for digital signatures both in the EU and India. To further address the extra-high security demands of organizations such as government departments, banks and trust service providers, Nexus has entered a partnership with Cryptomathic.”

Advanced electronic signatures are proficient for most use cases, but sometimes the highest assurance level of qualified electronic signatures (QES) is needed.

“Cryptomathic Signer, which is our remote signing solution for QES, is already used by multiple eIDAS-qualified trust service providers, and so is the Nexus certificate authority platform,” said Guillaume Forget, Managing Director at Cryptomathic GmbH.

“Our new joint signature solution, which incorporates Cryptomathic’s Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD), can be neatly integrated with existing business workflows and authentication mechanisms.”

The new joint solution reportedly has several customers, such as one of Europe’s largest postal services companies.

“Together with Nexus, we are pleased to offer a seamlessly integrated solution that provides the complete management of the trusted identities that are required for delivering QES services,” said Forget. “Our joint customers benefit from this integration to use QES internally or offer a value-added signing service to their customers.”


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