Hikvision launches thermal deep learning bullet cameras

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Hikvision, a global supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has released updated versions of its thermal deep learning bullet cameras, delivering enhanced capabilities to perimeter security and fire detection technology.

The new cost-effective cameras are designed with deep learning algorithms and built-in GPU to support updated algorithms moving forward.

Based on deep learning algorithms, Hikvision’s thermal deep learning bullet cameras deliver powerful and accurate behaviour analysis, including detections such as line crossing, intrusion, region, entrance and exit.

The intelligent human/vehicle detection feature helps reduce false alarms caused by animals, camera shake, falling leaves or other irrelevant objects, significantly improving alarm accuracy.

Also equipped with built-in GPU with advanced imaging processing technology, the camera can create high-quality thermal imaging results, supporting updates with more complex algorithms with larger data samples to further improve the intelligent effect of Video Content Analytics (VCA).

Hikvision’s thermal deep learning bullet cameras can be used in a broad range of perimeter security and fire prevention solutions, specifically in industry scenarios like power stations, airports, mines and farms.

The single-screw bracket has also been designed with the installers in mind, allowing it to be fitted conveniently while maintaining stability.

The model of Hikvision thermal deep learning bullet cameras currently available on the market is DS-2TD2137/V1 series.



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