IDIS Smart Factory wins National Productivity Competition

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South Korea’s largest in-country manufacturer of security technology, IDIS, has been honoured with a ‘National Productivity Award’ presidential citation during the country’s 42nd National Productivity Competition.

Run by Korea Productivity Centre at COEX, Seoul, the competition recognises corporations, organisations and individuals who have shown leadership in applying productivity to achieve successful business outcomes.

The award recognised IDIS for its custom-designed IDIS Smart Factory – a purpose-built facility which assembles the various components of the IDIS Total Solution, sold and installed worldwide.

Utilising big data to modularise and refine production processes, the Smart Factory computerises all its internal processes, from material warehousing to management, production and even packaging, delivering increased productivity.

The computerisation of automatic processes in the IDIS Smart Factory, allows it to identify and stop products passing through the production process if they are missing materials or do not pass a functionality test. This blocks any possible defects, enhancing customer satisfaction by improving quality.

As a result, IDIS recorded increased productivity, allowing it to remain focussed on innovation and enhancing the overall customer experience.

The National Productivity Award further recognised IDIS’ innovative technology worldwide, noting the overall value of the company in the global security and surveillance marketplace.

D. Kim, IDIS CEO, commented: “It is rewarding to see the IDIS Smart Factory, which has taken years of effort to build, receive this prize.

“Recognised as a leader in Korea’s fourth Industrial Revolution, IDIS will continue to strive to be the best global video surveillance manufacturer, deepening our impact in the industry through our advancements in the application of Artificial Intelligence to our technology solutions.”

The technologies produced by the IDIS Smart Factory are offered worldwide as part of IDIS’s IDIS Total Solution.


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