Offering updated and improved integration with I-View Now and MASterMind partnership

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I-View Now, a monitoring station video and signalling interface, has announced an updated and improved integration with monitoring station automation software platform partner MASterMind.

The updated integration aims to improve signalling by utilising a dedicated MASrecv I-View Now Receiver, employing dedicated and proprietary signal types and formats to provide richer contextual information and video.

Built in conjunction with MAS, the MASterMind Auto-Notification and Verification Interface with I-View Now integration provides mobile verification to central station customers – a process that allows end users to cancel alarms, request dispatch and call the monitoring centre.

Larry Folsom, President of I-View Now, said: “We are thrilled to further our partnership with MASterMind, offering enhanced features to help monitor stations and their customers. This integration enables the distribution of better information to end users, operators and first responders.

“We’re very proud of this integration, which will enhance collaboration between all parties – our ultimate goal is to catch the bad guy more often, while greatly reducing unwanted false alarm dispatches.”

Shin Voeks, General Manager at MAS commented: “A key value at MAS has always been to help alarm monitoring stations streamline their dispatching processes and provide better service to their customers.

“The MASterMind integration with I-View enables users to conveniently cancel or confirm an alarm using their mobile devices, allowing monitoring stations to respond to alarms effectively.”


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