3xLOGIC closing year out with multiple new products and innovations

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3xLOGIC have recently announced a number of new products and innovations, led by the company’s new Facial Recognition camera.

3xLOGIC VISIX Facial Recognition camera

A special purpose, low cost, dual lens 2MP camera for instant face detection, identification, and notification of persons of interest (POI). Using camera-based analytics and 3xLOGIC’s exclusive Facial Recognition (FR) application and mobile app, users can review captured facial images and choose persons of interest to place on a watch list within the camera. Using 3xLOGIC’s exclusive web-based Central Management Application in multi-site mode allows POIs to be added via standard AES encryption to one or multiple cameras at sites to notify locally via server or mobile app.

“Customers have been searching for a low cost solution for instant face detection and notification of persons of interest for a long time. Our new FR camera, in conjunction with our intuitive, easy to use server, and web-based and mobile applications, brings face detection technology to any SMB user, as well as to large retailers seeking to curtail repeat offenders engaged in shoplifting, disturbances, etc. Facial Recognition can also be used be used to identify VIPs or for accurate people counting,” said Mike Poe, 3xLOGIC Product Manager.

VIGIL V250-16 Network Video Recorder (NVR)

To enhance the company’s recording appliance line, they are adding a new 16 channel fully-integrated, intelligent video appliance. Pre-configured with VIGIL Video Management System (VMS) software, this 1U NVR is a highly cost-effective video management platform that combines all the key functionality of VIGIL VMS;  unrivalled ease of setup; and 16 dedicated PoE ports for multiple IP devices. The V250-16 also includes alarm, serial, and audio inputs. Users can monitor their business with an integration to a wide variety of data sources including Point-of-Sale, ATM, access control, alarms, and audio devices. This data can then be tied to video, made searchable, and generate alarms based on specific, user-chosen criteria.

“Our new V250-16 fulfils the many requests to expand the IP camera capabilities of our popular 4 and 8-camera V250 models. Customers can now enjoy full 16 camera capability and processor improvements to the platform—all at a very attractive price point,” Poe added.

Windows 10 compatibility

Windows 10 will begin shipping on all VIGIL and infinias servers and All-In-One edge recording appliances in January 2019. Windows 10 which features expanded hardware compatibility improvements as well as increased security, is the industry standard in OS and offers true 64-bit compatibility. Along with Windows 10 compatibility, 3xLOGIC is also introducing a new, streamlined and user-friendly recovery environment on all servers.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) Splitter/Extender

This small box created a big buzz at the 2018 ISC West show.  It’s a PoE+ splitter/extender capable of taking one PoE+ CAT 5/6 run and splitting it into two, allowing the installer to either add an additional camera to an existing location, add an infinias access-controlled door, or install two cameras in one location. Applications for this device span IP cameras, thermal detection, or access control additions. For instance, a user can add a thermal imager to an existing IP camera location to provide an additional layer of protection. A PoE+ injector is required at the PoE switch to provide the additional power. The PoE Splitter enables the customer to leverage existing cabling infrastructure to increase their surveillance footprint while saving time and costly cable installation charges.

128GB SD Card Support for Multi-Sensor Device

The 3xLOGIC Indoor Multi-Sensor now has a 128GB SD card option. Customers can double the storage capacity of the current 64GB offering and enjoy the ability to host VIGIL Server, allowing the camera to record video to the onboard SD card, with full search capabilities in VIGIL Client, and in the View Lite II and infinias mobile apps. A true all-in-one solution, built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors, 2-way audio with VIGIL Server, and digital I/O allow the Multi-Sensor to be an alarm annunciator, audio system, and video recorder, all in one, small unit.

“These new products highlight our commitment to providing customers with leading edge, proactive security solutions that are key to the next level of protection for people and property, as well as providing data that presents an unparalleled view into the operational aspects of their business.  This facial recognition technology extends our strategy of supplying highly-useful, real-time data that started with our thermal sensors and Multi-Sensor edge devices. 3xLOGIC’s global expansion is well underway and these innovations provide our partners with new opportunities, and their customers with the confidence they are operating in a leading-edge, secure, intelligent environment,” commented Bill Hobbs, VP of Sales for 3xLOGIC.

Both the PoE Splitter/Extender and the 128 SD Card are available at this time. The Facial Recognition camera, V250-16 NVR, and Windows 10 will all be released on 03 January 2019.

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