Anti-terrorism security measures at the famous Oxford Street

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A Midlands company specialising in anti-terrorism security bollards has completed a major contract in the heart of London to boost safety and security in the capital. Safetyflex Barriers completed a major project in Oxford Street to install its Truck stopper bollards which can stop vehicle attacks of up to 80mph in their tracks.

Oxford Street is known as one of Europe’s busiest shopping streets, attracting an estimated 200 million visitors a year.

Marcus Gerrard, director at Safetyflex, said: “We are proud to have been able to assist in making London a safer place for the people and buildings that make it such a great place.

“It is vital in this day-and-age to have anti-terrorism measures in place and we have proven that our products are the best on the market.

“We have worked all over the world and are proud to be a leader in this crucial developing market.”

Safetyflex Barriers is rapidly becoming the world leader in anti-terrorist bollards thanks to its innovative and exclusive product range, which uses specialist steel to absorb high impact.

This allows their bollards and barriers to be the most aesthetically pleasing and cost effective on the market, as well as being highly-effective in stopping attacks and easy to install.

One of the company’s first major contracts saw the team work to protect 22 venues for the London 2012 Olympics and in the 10 years which have followed it has worked across the UK.

Other projects in London include Horse Guards Parade, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge and the 2012 Olympic Park

Marcus said: “We are seeing a lot of interest in our products from major cities across the world because of both their build quality and their aesthetic slim line appearance. Most anti-terrorist bollards are very large and overbearing, but our products have been designed to be the most slim line bollards in the world.

“They can be assembled quickly and have the power of larger bollards without the bulk thanks to the hard work that has gone into ensuring they are created to the highest specification possible.

“By always focusing on innovation and improvement, we are increasing security and safety in big cities quicker and in a more cost-effective way than ever before.”

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