AnyVision and Genetec Inc. form partnership to expand AI-powered surveillance videos

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AnyVision has announced a new strategic relationship with Genetec, allowing its end users to directly integrate into Genetec technology, including its video management software (VMS). Boasting a portfolio of solutions encompassing unified security, intelligence and operations, Genetec end users will be able to accurately analyse and identify everything their sensors see, using AnyVision’s sophisticated plug and play technology.

The integrated AnyVision plug-in for Genetec Security Center can provide advanced solutions that track and provide operational insights from financial institutions to retailers, airports, smart cities, HLS & Police, stadiums, transportation and open spaces.

“We are excited to announce this integration with AnyVision for Genetec Security Centre,” said Jordan Jaumeau, Director of Development Partnerships, Genetec. “These powerful analytics tools collect and produce intelligence-based insights that allow end-users to make tactical decisions that protect and enhance operations and business.”

AnyVision continues to broaden its intelligence and deep learning capabilities by integrating its innovations with technology companies, recently announcing a successful round of funding and new partnerships, including its recent collaboration with NVIDA and Microsoft.

“Our mission is to make our technology accessible to everyone, creating safer environments all over the world,” added Elyon Etshtein, Co-Founder and CEO, AnyVision. “With leading technology partners like Genetec, we can achieve just that and grow our application across different industries.

“The technology integration relationship we have with Genetec will allow us to utilise their cutting-edge technology and offer an effective and complete security solution.”


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