AnyVision and Telefónica announce integration partnership

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AnyVision has announced its partnership with Telefónica. This partnership will reportedly enable AnyVision to integrate its advanced AI solutions into technology provided by Telefonica, across a variety of verticals, including homeland security, critical infrastructure, transportation, sports and entertainment, banks, smart cities and retail.

The two companies will work together on major projects in airports, smart cities, stadiums and banks, providing onboarding and authentication solutions, as well as seamless access control among other services. AnyVision will work with Telefónica and its subsidiary Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad in Spain, Europe and Latin-America.

“For Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad it is extremely important to choose a partner that allows us to add value to our clients,” said Fabián Blanco CEO of Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad. “By partnering with AnyVision we have a great opportunity to continue advancing in our offering for the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies, particularly those related to AI. It is with great satisfaction that we began a path that will lead us to head the technological offer that we at Telefónica have the commitment to make available to our customers”

“AnyVision and Telefónica share a deep commitment to creating safer and smarter environments all over the world,” said Eylon Etshtein, CEO and co-founder of AnyVision. “This partnership is simply the beginning of what we will accomplish together thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.”

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