Axxonsoft – the powerful video management solution force behind Daman Health’s new headquarters in Abu Dhabi

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Ahead of Intersec Middle East, taking place in Dubai between 20 and 22 January 2019, AxxonSoft has released the results and findings from their latest Middle Eastern case study whereby the company and its partners undertook the large and complex task of installing an integrated IT and security solution for the Daman Health headquarters based in Abu Dhabi.

This project, which spanned six months from conception to completion, required the integration of multiple systems whilst providing a solution that would enable future expansion of the project to all Daman Health branches within the UAE. Daman Health engaged with AxxonSoft and its partners to implement a fully integrated security and access control solution that would also integrate with their employee time and attendance system.

To meet these requirements, AxxonSoft – together with Axis Communications – applied a solution which included the installation of new Axis IP cameras, with AxxonSoft Intellect as the open system Video Management Software (VMS) solution.

AxxonSoft Open Architecture was incorporated, a solution that utilises a converged state-of-the-art IP security management system, which not only robust but boasts a failover feature. The open architecture VMS system is distributed, monitored and administered as well as integrated with the Daman corporate and landlord security management systems. The Axxon Enterprise level access control solution was configured to function in a virtual server environment, allowing for the integration with BMS, the fire alarm and carpark barrier control.

As a result, Daman Health can now manage, control, track and monitor all access entries of their teams and visitors from one centralised location, based at their headquarters. Furthermore, through the integration of the Visitor Management Systems, Daman Health can allow visitor entry to specific departments and or floors for specific time periods.

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