Axxonsoft to highlight video management software at Intersec 2019

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At the upcoming Intersec event in Dubai, Axxonsoft plan to inform those in attendance of the strength of their Axxon Next VMS, while also demonstrating why the company are seen as a major player when it comes to video management software in the security industry.

AxxonSoft video management software supports onboard video analytics in IP cameras, including thermal cameras, and offers its own powerful video analytics system.

End users can configure the best mode for event detection and the appropriate responses to trigger — this helps eliminate the human factor and operator fatigue during real-time monitoring.

AI analytics are the next step in video management software, as they start to unearth the possibilities of specifically tailored solutions for different customers.

AxxonSoft’s neural network learns to perform customer-specific tasks from video material obtained at the site, which guarantees high-quality results.

The number of cameras and the volume of archives in video surveillance systems grow rapidly, that’s why it becomes crucially important for the search to be not just fast but instant.

Axxon Next VMS provides the customisable forensic search tool that instantly retrieves video footage with faces, license plate numbers or any other data that meets various search criteria.

What is more, Axxon Next VMS lets you import any video footage and investigate it with Forensic Search. This feature is very useful for established surveillance systems with no tools for the quick archive analysis. There will be a thorough demonstration of Axxon Next VMS at Intersec.

BMS (building management systems) and ACFA integration

BMS and ACFA integration does more than just enable your system to meet the security needs of your business in a customised, thoughtful way. It also offers powerful tools for monitoring the efficiency and operations of your business.

BMS and ACFA integration provides: reliable protection of facilities and intellectual property, Intrusion prevention, workplace time and attendance control, streamlining of staff needs, reduced security outlays, and more!

AxxonSoft solutions are applicable to the security systems of any scale and business area: from private homes to malls, from small shops to banks and international airports, from ATMs to government facilities, and many others.

Axxon Intellect PSIM includes industry-specific modules. Flexibly configurable, they can interoperate the way you need to ensure maximum security for your facility.


Video surveillance and security devices become more and more affordable, and it’s good when the security system grows with time. AxxonSoft solutions easily support the ever-growing scale of the security systems. It is easy to upgrade and expand if your needs change. There’s no limit to the number of cameras, severs and users you can have in the system – AxxonSoft products can scale indefinitely.

AxxonSoft-based software platform is flexible and adaptive, capable of expanding without significant financial costs and human resources along with the security system growth.

Axxon Intellect PSIM is built on an object-oriented architecture, the software is easy to install, use and manage and can be easily scaled to match your changing requirements. It’s extremely flexible, so you get all the functionality and capabilities you need without paying for features you don’t want.


Axxonsoft believe that integrated approach to building security systems is beneficial, informative and allows you to have a wide range of tools and apply it individually depending on the tasks of different objects.

The integrated security system allows you to collect information from various sources — fire alarm systems, access control systems, perimeter security, various non-standard gas analysers and any other technical means.

Integrated systems provide an opportunity to combine the basic properties of different systems and get completely different consumer properties due to the synergistic effect.

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