Command & Control releases upgraded version of PoliceBox

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Coeus Software has released the latest version of PoliceBox, dubbed Amicite (v5.2.1), which reportedly introduces numerous new features to free up police radio communications and give Command & Control much greater management over the allocation of police resources.

According to the manufacturer, PoliceBox minimises voice traffic to and from the Command & Control Centre by sending non-urgent requests in digital form through the PoliceBox app, along with all the relevant accompanying information such as names, addresses, crime number etc.

With the latest edition of PoliceBox, tasks can now be sent directly to officers via Push notifications on their smartphone, immediately alerting the officer to a new task. The officer can review the attached information and choose to accept it or not. Where the task is rejected, it is returned to Command & Control to be reallocated to another officer. During a major incident, alerts and information can also be pushed to every officer on shift simultaneously, ensuring officers are fully informed during fast-moving events.

Other additional benefits include:

·         Updated, clearer and more productive user interface across Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platform.

·         Addition of GPS tracking data to the PoliceBox Management Portal.

·         Auto-inserting of information from other data sources to speed up tasks.

·         Officer availability – allowing police forces to configure their statuses as appropriate.

“Police forces are under tremendous pressure to do more with less,” said Simon Hall, CEO and co-founder of PoliceBox. “Poor IT systems and disjointed, paper-based processes hamper police investigations because officers are unable to access data in a timely and efficient manner. We built PoliceBox with the goal of freeing up officers so they can spend less time on paperwork and more time fighting crime. The introduction of PoliceBox Amicite is the next step in the evolution of the PoliceBox service to further enhance how forces manage their resources so they can not only respond to incidents more quickly, but can do so at a significantly lower cost as well.”

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