Cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology developed by AxxonSoft to combat human and child trafficking

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Human trafficking is a global issue that we continue to face. Children and teenagers are regularly displaced from their communities leading to the destruction of their wellbeing and future, devastating the people around them. AxxonSoft, a  security and surveillance company, has developed specially designed ground-breaking technology called Deep Learning, which incorporates artificial intelligence to help combat this critical issue.

Human trafficking transcends gender, race, socio-economic and social status making it extremely hard to track. Through their Safe City projects, AxxonSoft is leading the war efforts against this issue. AxxonSoft assists authorities in identifying unsolicited behaviour and potential human threats in public spaces which include train stations, airports, parks, stadiums and shopping centres. This is achieved through their state-of-the-art software that utilises cutting-edge facial recognition, forensic search technology and powerful machine learning techniques to emulate how the human brain operates, even predicting and following individual’s movements.

Global Marketing Director for AxxonSoft, Colleen Glaeser believes this issue is now more critical than ever before. She commented, “If we are to try and combat or even reduce human and child trafficking around the world, drastic measures need to be implemented rather urgently. We all want a safer city, a safer country and safer world for our children to grow up in. We don’t want to be ridden with fear that the threat of trafficking may affect us directly or people we know and love. AxxonSoft’s Deep Learning facial and license plate technology is truly revolutionary in its ability to effectively and proficiently track trafficking syndicates and their victims.”

AxxonSoft’s powered control rooms have the ability to pinpoint exactly where and when a victim or suspect is located and the actions which took place in that location with complete accuracy. Furthermore, the company’s artificial intelligence technology makes it possible to tag and track a victim or a suspect’s entire journey by using different camera systems; this includes AxxonSoft’s Homeland Security which identifies places most frequented by an individual and where they were last seen. Deep Learning is also crucial in detecting when trafficking groups move their victims from the scene of the crime to a safer, “surveillance-free” hideout. This sort of technology greatly transcends the evidence standard control rooms are able to provide which is extremely limited in comparison as they only have the ability to upload an image and related video episodes from trafficking hotspots and highly dense public areas.

AxxonSoft’s advanced technology also picks out faces from live video feeds and automatically triggers an alarm system when it determines a degree of similarity. This type of surveillance and security system takes a very proactive approach in addressing trafficking, which has previously been very reactive in nature. Through AxxonSoft’s forensic video search, authorities can instantly check data based on the criteria they are looking for, such as finding all the red cars that crossed a certain line heading in a certain direction. As a result, what would have taken hours to sift through is reduced to just a few seconds enabling an efficient and effective reaction to the situation whereas standard video data often alerts authorities after the key illicit activity and mission has taken place.

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