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What is the focus for IDIS at Security Essen?

To demonstrate that IDIS offers world class video surveillance solutions that add value to the entire security buying chain.  We will highlight that IDIS is South Korea’s largest surveillance manufacturer with a proven global record of delivering high-performance, reliable, scalable and network hardened surveillance solutions that meet the needs of businesses large and small.

Specifically, we will be focussing on our advancements in deep learning, recording and camera technology, network security and failover, extended warranties and the need for increasingly powerful VMS capabilities.

Why did you decide to take part in the show?

Security Essen offers us the perfect opportunity to showcase our offerings to the DACH marketH mH.  It’s a well-established show that brings the entire security buying chain under one roof.   In 2016 we signed a partnership agreement with VIDEOR, one of the DACH markets leading security distributors.

The show also comes at a time where there are fears around network security and a need for surveillance technology to deliver value beyond traditional security requirements.

Customers are looking for both cutting-edge and off-the-shelf analytics, the tools to support compliance such as GDPR, simple user interfaces, reliable camera and recording platforms and advanced storage compression technology.  IDIS can offer all those things and more.

What do you hope your debut at the event will achieve?

To raise the profile of the IDIS brand. To disrupt the market with innovative technologies. Demonstrate a proven global track record delivering products and software that give consultants, systems integrators and end users a high-performance and secure surveillance alternative to the usual players.

Where does the German market fit with your overall plans?

The German and wider DACH market always has been and will continue to be a strategic market for IDIS.  From the late 1990s IDIS grew a strong ODM business and so we have many long-term customers in the region that have been using IDIS technology for well over a decade.

When we launched the IDIS brand business back in 2013 at IFSEC International, we ensured that encompassed the DACH market by partnering with several of German publications to generate brand awareness throughout Europe. Then in the summer of 2016 we signed a distribution agreement with VIDEOR that has intensified our sales activity and further focussed our marketing efforts, which will continue moving forward.

What do you expect your visitors at the show to be most interested in?

The biggest draw to the IDIS stand and something  that is causing excitement across the industry is the latest iteration of IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA). IDLA has opened a new door to the future of video analytics with ground-breaking 96% accuracy combined with a 200ips speed allowing for the analysis of 32 channels simultaneously. It’s these exciting advances in video analytics that make IDLA more accurate, faster, and more scalable than competitive offerings.

Many visitors to Essen will also get their first look at our flagship DirectIP® a true plug-and-play, end-to-end IP surveillance platform, which offers industry-leading ease of use and performance.  Consisting of IP cameras (including full-HD and 4K), NVRs, network equipment and totally cost-free IDIS Center software IDIS DirectIP is a complete package that is easy to install, secure, flexible and scalable

New IDIS Dynamic Privacy Masking will be also be important for supporting compliance with data protection regulations (such as GDPR).

One of IDIS’s strengths is a focus on network security and we expect this to be a hot topic at Security Essen.  So, we’ll be demonstrating how we use proprietary protocols not familiar to hackers as well as dispelling the common fear of ‘back doors.’

Another technology innovation, IDIS Critical Failover, which safeguards surveillance data through a multi-layered system of protections, increasing fault tolerance is also sure to be of interest.

Plus, since it’s scooped two of Germany’s top international design prizes, our H.265 IR PTZ camera will also be at attraction. It provides clearer images using an 8MP Auto Focus lens and is equipped with high-powered IR LED for notably smooth motion detection and image analysis of objects at up to 200 meters at night

What advantages will IDIS as a company be able to show to potential customers?

We know that German customers in particular demand well-engineered, high performance products and software from a company they can trust.

IDIS is built around an ethos of integrity. We believe in a very clear and transparent sales strategy that is designed to add value across the security buying chain.  This means profitable success for our distributors, consultants, systems integrators and return on investment for end users.

Installers and integrators can choose from an extensive IDIS line up of IP and analogue options that suit the needs of a range of organisations, from banks, education institutes, multi-site retail to smaller commercial premises. Our focus is on value-add solutions, profit margin protection and technical support.

Consultants and architects will get the chance to investigate the total support available to them for all projects, beginning with the system feasibility stage, through preliminary design to implementation and commissioning.

For end-users, the advantages of improved security with IDIS technology come with the attraction of reduced costs thanks to forward/backward compatibility, the ability to mix-match with analogue (leveraging coax cabling, for example), enhanced user experience and extended system lifecycles trough the IDIS Ultimate Warranty.

How will you differentiate yourself from other brands at the show?

IDIS doesn’t launch new technology to make headlines.  We believe that technical innovations should offer practical solutions to common challenges. We also look at how we can improve upon existing surveillance products and software and exponentially enhance the user experience. For example:

  • When we launched DirectIP® in 2013, the industry already had IP, yet DirectIP was a game changer in terms of true plug-and-play meaning simplicity of installation and ease of use, manageable complexity, high performance and a low total cost of ownership.
  • Most manufacturers use a USB mouse for PTZ camera controls, but often operators had issues with difficulties with speed and erratic manoeuvrability. IDIS developed Smart UX controls with its patented “Rubberband and “Slingshot” capability to address these difficulties. The latest iteration version 2.0 will be on show at Essen, which includes a new addition “Quick Controls,” making PTZ controls even faster and more user-friendly with a series of keyboard shortcuts
  • The industry already has a wide choice of fisheye cameras, but the IDIS 5MP and 12MP Super Fisheyes comes with Smart UX Controls and dual-side silky smooth dewarping, taking the user experience to a whole new level.
  • Every manufacturer has cameras with SD cards, but with IDIS Smart Failover we give customers what we call “automagical” protection so that if an NVR and camera are disconnected, our cameras instantly begin recording to the SD card and automatically transfer the data to the NVR after the connection is recovered, seamlessly leaving no incident unrecorded.

And that’s the difference in that “It’s Not The Same. It’s IDIS.”

What is IDIS most looking forward to at Security Essen?

Showcasing our new technical innovations because feedback you get on new technologies from visitors to big show like Security Essen is invaluable.  We’re particularly excited to be exhibiting the latest iteration of IDIS Deep Learning Analytics because of the enthusiasm it generated at our Global Partners Summit earlier this month.

We’re also getting an impressive positive reaction from IDIS Dynamic Privacy Masking across Europe and the Middle East in terms of its accurate performance and ease of use in comparison to competitive offerings.

Plus, it will be great to engage with new and existing customers and of course at Essen we get to do that over great beer and food!


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