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DroneShield has given an ASX announcement with regards to the release of its involvement in British Army Autonomous Warrior 2018. The announcement detailed that DroneShield provides DroneSentinel for drone detection to the British Army Participates in the Autonomous Warrior 2018 exercise and enables the participants to detect hostile drones

The British Army has launched a four-week exercise called the ‘Army Warfighting Experiment,’ with a Battlegroup from the 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom). This allows troops to familiarise themselves with the exercise and learn the responsibility of command and control.

British soldiers will test and evaluate the effectiveness of robotic and autonomous systems (RAS) on the battlefield. These technological advances will play a key role in the Army’s strike capability, ensuring British forces remain unmatched on the global stage.

“Our Armed Forces continue to push the limits of innovative warfare to ensure that we stay ahead of any adversaries or threats faced on the battlefield,” said Mark Lancaster, UK Defence Minister. “Autonomous Warrior sets an ambitious vision for Army operations in the 21st Century as we integrate drones, unmanned vehicles and personnel into a world-class force for decades to come.”

The exercise is the result of a large-scale collaboration between the British Army, the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force, the United States Army, the UK Ministry of Defence, the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and the industry participants who were invited to participate.

DroneShield was invited to participate in the exercise and is providing its DroneSentinel system to the British Army as a counter drone system to enable troops to detect and defend against hostile drones.

“We were tasked with training and advising British troops on the deployment and operation of our DroneSentinel system,” said Oleg Vornik, Drone Shield’s CEO. “This allowed the troops to independently operate and integrate the capability, using the system to autonomously defend against drones and also inform commanders about the presence of threat drones.”



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