DroneShield’s teaming agreement with Thales

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DroneShield is pleased to announce that it has entered into a teaming agreement with Thales Programas De Electronica Y Comunicaciones S.A.U. (“Thales”) (a Spanish subsidiary of Thales S.A.). From this, Thales will utilise and promote DroneShield’s products in its defence and security contract bids in Spain involving counterdrone aspects.

Thales S.A. is one of the largest defence companies globally, with 65,000 employees, operations in 56 countries and a market capitalisation of approximately €15.8 billion. Thales in Spain combines its technology with the experience of  1,200 professionals distributed in 11 work centres in Spain, one in Turkey and one in Egypt.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Over the course of the recent year, we have made substantial progress with advancing our market penetration in NATO countries and in Spain in particular. This partnership with Thales builds on the work we have undertaken and couples it with Thales’ extensive market penetration in Spain, as well as it long-established brand and reputation in this market, in order to achieve a multiplier effect on our and Thales’ counterdrone efforts.”

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