Edesix teams up with ASDA to enhance in-store retail security

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Edesix has announced that it has teamed up with ASDA to enhance in-store security. After a successful trial in 2016, there are now over 900 Edesix VideoBadges being utilised in over 250 sites nationwide, with more growth expected soon.

Edesix collaborated with CBES, to design and install a tailored wearable CCTV deployment suited to ASDA’s needs. Edesix and CBES worked closely at ASDA’s national security centre and across four store deployments at so the cameras could be rolled out in the remaining stores with minimum impact on store efficiency. This system requires minimum training has enabled staff to integrate the cameras into their daily working processes with reportedly minimal fuss.

As a result of this partnering strategy, ASDA has reportedly been able to improve colleague security, diffuse aggressive and volatile situation and reduce valued investigation time, thus reducing costs.  Since the deployment, ASDA has proven the viability of these cameras by securing numerous convictions relating to theft and violence against staff.

“ASDA, along with CBES, identified the need to re-think its key security policy around challenging aggressive behaviour towards staff. In searching for a technology partner, CBES chose Edesix as their BWC provider, to deploy initially to the most affected stores, eventually rolling out to over 250 sites across the UK,” said Richie McBride, Managing Director of Edesix. “The aim was to improve the safety of colleagues in public facing roles and shoppers within the stores, whilst producing compelling evidence when needed. The Body Worn Cameras act as a confrontation preventer, as it is proven that members of the public are far less aggressive to staff members if they know they are being filmed.”

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