Her Majesty’s Prisons to trial facial recognition using FACEWATCH

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Facewatch are excited to announce a Facial Recognition trial to verify and validate visitors accessing Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service.

“After a very thorough process taking over 12 months, we are pleased to have been chosen to trial our biometric technology at a HMP site in the UK,” said Nick Fisher, CEO at Facewatch. “Using our latest Facial Recognition software in a controlled environment, wardens will be able to identify and verify visitors identification instantly.

“Currently, accessing a prison as a visitor can be a time-consuming administrative process, as most prisons still operate a paper based system. The Facewatch platform will enrol visitors digitally in less than a minute and all subsequent visits are verified instantly using our facial recognition technology.

“The efficiencies in time, combined with the accuracy of visitor identity will deliver a positive experience for both the visitor and HMP.”

Facewatch real time sharing of visitors faces and data can be accessed across all UK Prisons.

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