How can True Wide Dynamic Range benefit security applications?

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Matrix highlights how True WDR works

Surveillance Cameras need proper illumination to capture images. So, low or no light means that there are essentially no proper images. Matrix believes that the solution to this is True Wide Dynamic Range (True WDR). This is a sensor-based technology used in modern IP Cameras. Using True WDR, cameras can produce images even under varying light conditions. It can also maintain proper image brightness, exposure and contrast to ensure good image clarity.

It works by capturing several images with slow shutter speed (to capture more light) as well as fast shutter speed (to capture less light) and then combines them into a single frame. This identifies the difference in light levels in an image and rectifies the under exposed and over exposed areas to give clear and detailed images. WDR is measured in dB. A WDR of range (120dB) can capture greater scale of brightness.

The manufacturer states that the benefits of this technology are threefold. First, users can capture images even under varying light conditions. Second, True WDR maintains proper image brightness and exposure. And finally, it adjusts contrast to ensure image clarity.

Matrix believes that this feature can be used for all applications as the lighting conditions may vary in all situations during different times of a day. Every enterprise has areas that are over exposed with light that makes identifying objects difficult. Other areas are under exposed to light, such as parking lots, garages and so on, making it difficult to monitor these areas as well. Hence, True WDR can solve visibility issues and adjust the light exposure in such situations, giving clear colourful images.

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